Dark Guatemalan

Dark Guatemalan
$8.50 - 14.05 /lb $14.05
$8.50 - 14.05 /lb $14.05
Region: Central America
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Often lovingly, albeit not creatively, dubbed “the bean,” this faithful classic is our trusty morning coffee around the office. Just think of Lassie wearing a giant Rolex around her neck and you’ll get the idea. Grown in the volcanic southern regions of Guatemala, this coffee has a spicy flavor with a fair amount of acidity, and can be quite strong. This Guatemalan coffee is a French roast, and brews a hearty, eye-opening cup to start the day. After a cup of this stuff, you’ll be less likely to fall down a well on your way to work. See that? The bean is good for you.

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Overall rating
Deceptive and wondeful
By Paul - 4/16/2017
“Great stuff.”
A nice breakfast surprise...
By Paul - 4/16/2017
“We delayed tasting this one until we were almost out of Mocha Java Style beans. This was a first try on the Guatamalen and I was wary after opening the bag and looking at the very dark and oily looking beans...smelled pretty good though. I did my standard brew with six measures of beans and 192 degree RO water through a filter cone into an insulated carafe. Still wary...boy the brewed coffee smelled really good. Mixed it down with a little sugar and cream and tried a sip. What truly fine and tasty coffee this is. It's appearance as a roasted bean doesn't reveal its true character...it's mild, doesn't taste over roasted, and is satisfyingly tasty. The good coffee signal is the empty pot after breakfast...every day, we run out. I'll have about three ten ounce cups while my wife will be wandering around with her last cup for over an hour. This is good stuff and we will unhesitatingly buy it again. Authoritative but not overbearing is my best sense of it.”
By Dono - 2/3/2012
“This coffee is very.... whatever. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it except that there is absolutely nothing interesting or exciting about it. The roast is a little on the light side for a french roast and the coffee itself is fine it's just not robust or flavorful or interesting. The blurb said something about spice notes and I'm not getting any of that at all. It also says this coffee is quite strong. That, in my opinion, is just flat out wrong. On a scale of 1 to 10 on coffee strength I would rate this as a 7. I've had WAY stronger coffees than this.
Disappointing. ”