Dark Guatemalan

Dark Guatemalan
$8.80 - 14.35 /lb $14.35
$8.80 - 14.35 /lb $14.35
Region: Central America
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Often lovingly, albeit not creatively, dubbed “the bean,” this faithful classic is our trusty morning coffee around the office. Just think of Lassie wearing a giant Rolex around her neck and you’ll get the idea. Grown in the volcanic southern regions of Guatemala, this coffee has a spicy flavor with a fair amount of acidity, and can be quite strong. This Guatemalan coffee is a French roast, and brews a hearty, eye-opening cup to start the day. After a cup of this stuff, you’ll be less likely to fall down a well on your way to work. See that? The bean is good for you.

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Overall rating
Very good!
By Treena - 10/8/2018
“Very bold and very tasty!”
By Mobert - 9/17/2017
“In the 70's, on the Eastside of Milwaukee, there was the Coffee Trader. They roasted their own beans and had a great selection of varietals. Here, oh so many years later, I find my self looking for a better cup of joe.

When they took away the bins of beans at the local grocer, (rapid turnover closer to roast date) I bought whole bean coffee pre packaged with no roast date.

I could go on, but we will cut to "Mobert discovers CoffeeBeanDirect".
"...then I discovered CBD. ".

the freshness of such a recent roasting has only one effect, increased deliciosity.
I worked my way thru all the varietals until I found Dark Guatemalan. Now I get 2.5 lbs delivered every month.
Examples of DG awesomeness.
1. I take a thermos of coffee to work. Prior to getting DG from CBD, I would drink a cup AM and one PM. The DG has power over me and the whole thermos is gone by noon. Everytime you take a sip, there is an inner voice that continues to say "F**K, that is good. Then I shared a thermos with a friend and when she subconsciously said, "Damn, that is good.

I have had only good experiences with all the varietals I have tried. Really love the deep body of the Dark Guatemalan. Even though I use cream (just a bit!! Don't hate me) this is by far the BEST COFFEE i EVER HAD. (also very dependable delivery . ”
Luxury in a Cup
By DLH - 8/7/2017
“We love this coffee! It is bold, dark and delicious, I can't imagine weekends without it. ”