Dark Kenya AA

Dark Kenya AA
$10.60 - 15.89 /lb $15.89
$10.60 - 15.89 /lb $15.89
Region: Africa
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On graduation day, after throwing your mortarboard into the air, you may have thought of the importance of letter grades as a thing of the past, but our Kenya AA beans prove otherwise. The AA designation is the highest grade on the scale and is based on the size, shape, and density of the beans, and after one cup, you’ll know why even an A+ wasn’t lofty enough for this coffee. Maturing in Kenya’s rich volcanic soil, these beans have a sharp, winey flavor with a distinct fruitiness that’s sure to excite the taste buds of even the most jaded coffee aficionado. The dark roast level brings out a heavier body in the bean and accentuates the flavor of this high quality Kenyan coffee. Try it, and find out why these beans are at the top of the class.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Dark Kenya AA
By Charles - 5/5/2017
“I've been using Kenya Coffee for many years. Local retailers do not provide consistent local supplies. Tattle Tea provides excellent coffee and the convenience of home delivery.”
By philip - 7/21/2016
“This is one incredibly good cup of coffee. Incredible and rich. ”
My 2nd most favorite....
By Daniel - 1/23/2016
“I order this coffee (when available) for variety, altho I never tire of my #1 choice, Dark roast Costa Rican Tarazzu. Both satisfy what I'm looking for, and you can't go wrong with either choice.”