Decaf Seville Orange Flavored Coffee

Decaf Seville Orange Flavored Coffee
$8.95 - 13.75 /lb $13.75
$8.95 - 13.75 /lb $13.75
Region: South America
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Product Description

Real pieces of orange zest add a natural aroma and flavor to this tart and tangy flavored coffee. Seville Orange makes for a surprisingly refreshing cup, especially iced.

Ingredients: Coffee beans, dried orange peel, natural and artificial flavor

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
Seville Orange
By Lori - 2/9/2018
“Seville Orange has been our favorite for many years. The decaf is just as delicious as the regular and we drink both. Love this company!”
By ED - 3/6/2013
“I love this coffee! It is subtle, delicious, and has a great aroma. ”
My favorite coffee so far
By Kenneth - 2/29/2012
“Been drinking Decaf Seville Orange for several years now. Everytime I try somethng else, always go back. Of course, I know coffee is a very individual thing :} I like the freshness of the orange overtones imparted by the bits of orange rind, and the fact that to me it has a "real" coffee flavor without being overbearing.”