Decaf Sumatra

Decaf Sumatra
$9.75 - 15.85 /lb $15.85
$9.75 - 15.85 /lb $15.85
Region: Indonesia
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A staple of coffee shops across the country, this is ideal as a dessert coffee or for those who avoid high-acid coffees. Sumatra coffee is famously smooth and rich with an earthy and chocolaty flavor. This lightly roasted decaffeinated Sumatran coffee has a subtle, vanilla-caramel aroma. The cup is moderate in body while the flavor is sweetly mild with hints of nut and chocolate. The finish is bright and citrus-toned.

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Great low acid, decaf coffee
By Elizabeth - 5/7/2017
“Needing both a decaf and low acid coffee so we did not have to give up coffee - my husband makes a great cappuccino - we tried this coffee and loved it. On our third order now and thoroughly recommend. Better than other brands we have tried. Coffeebeandirect is great to deal with, swift and reasonable delivery price. ”