Ekobrew and Coffee Double Bundle - Flavor

Ekobrew and Coffee Double Bundle - Flavor

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Apparently our fans have been eagerly waiting for a way to get our fresh roasted coffee into their Keurig single serve machines. We have received such a tremendous response to our new Ekobrew Reusable Filter for Keurig Single Cup Brewers that we have created 4 product combinations, or “bundles” so you can group coffee with your filter and save even more! Save money and time by ordering your Ekobrew filter bundled with pairs of our most popular coffees.

Ekobrew and Coffee Double Bundle - Flavor contains:

  • 1 lb Hazelnut flavored coffee
  • 1 lb Jamaican Me Crazy flavored coffee
  • 2 Ekobrew Reusable Filters

TWO Ekobrew Filters and two pounds of our fresh roasted coffee for extra savings.

This bundle is available with whole bean or ground coffee. All orders for ground coffee will be automatically ground on level #8 – the best grind level for Ekobrew filters.

Each bundle was created based on what coffees are bought most frequently with the Ekobrew filter. They are designed to be great for personal use, offices and especially as gifts. Get yours today!

Ekobrew packaging may vary from photo shown above.

Coffee Bean Direct packaging may also vary. Look for our new design soon!

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Woot woot!
By Phronsie - 4/18/2017
“I own six EcoBrew brand reusable single cup filters. I keep them in a basket next to the Kuerig, filled with Coffee Bean Direct coffee and ready to use. ”