Estate Java

Estate Java
$11.00 - 13.30 /lb $13.30
$11.00 - 13.30 /lb $13.30
Region: Indonesia
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Grown on the island of Java, the name of this bean has become synonymous with coffee. Like many other Indonesian varietals, this bean is low in acidity and produces a rich, buttery brew with a sweet aroma. It does not contain the same earthiness indicative of most Indonesian coffees however. Featuring a broad, smooth body and delicate floral notes, this bean has complex flavor profile. You can’t claim to love coffee until you’ve tried this distinctive bean!

Product Reviews (9)

Overall rating
By Jason - 12/1/2018
“This will be a future buy, it'll find it's way into my coffee bean rotation. I got a small bag because I like to try before I bulk buy, and I have to say, first impression was: I felt like I was outside a small cafe in Havanna, Cuba. I have no idea why, I've never been to Cuba, let alone had coffee there. It's just the imagination imagery that rushed over me when I tried it... It will definitely be one that I buy again, that's for sure.”
By JQA - 3/1/2018
“I've been roasting for over twelve years. This coffee is so good that it makes me wonder why I roast. I tasted this at my daughters house. The flavor is great. Highly recommend this coffee to you.”
Great coffee
By Joseph - 12/29/2017
“Awesome value tastes great!”