Estate Java

Estate Java
$8.60 - 12.90 /lb $12.90
$8.60 - 12.90 /lb $12.90
Region: Indonesia
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Grown on the iconic island of Java, the name of this bean has become synonymous with coffee. Like many other Indonesian varietals, this bean is low in acidity and produces a rich brew with sweet, fruity flavor notes. It does not contain the same earthiness indicative of most Indonesian coffees however. Featuring a broad, smooth body and dried apricot finish, this bean offers an experience that is truly unique.

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
Cold brew
By Robert - 5/24/2017
“For any cold brew drinkers, this makes the best cold brew of the 5-6 different varieties I've tried on this site so far, I just received a 5lb bag and am loving it.”
Excellent coffee
By jqaman - 5/12/2017
“This coffee is low acidity and low bitterness.This is a typical coffee from this region. I love it. I have been roasting for many years and sent some to my daughter. I just had 2 cups and now considering buying it roasted it was that good. If you want to know what really smooth flavorful coffee tastes like without that acid bitterness common to most coffee we drink in America, try this one. ”
Very easy going
By Paul - 10/11/2016
“Very pleasant, easy going cup. Not much aroma but a very nice and a quite familiar coffee flavor. Needs to be brewed at full strength. Well complimented with sugar and 1/2n1/2. We make a big pot and never have any leftovers, each of us going through about three cups at breakfast. Very good but unremarkable for my taste buds. 192 degree water, mellita #4 unbleached filter and cone into a stainless insulated Bunn carafe. ”