Ethiopia Gera Estate

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The size of coffee grinds, which impacts brewing contact time, extraction rate and flow rate. Choose the Grind Level based on your preferred brewing method.

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Region: Africa


Roasting is a heat process that unlocks the aroma and flavor of green coffee beans. Roast Levels indicate the color, profile, & general characteristics of coffee beans resulting from the roasting process.

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark


A pleasing & vibrant brightness that enhances a coffee’s flavor. Often described as a lively, crisp, tart, or sharp taste.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


The tactile sense of consistency and thickness in the mouth, distinct from aroma and taste.

  • Smooth
  • Balanced
  • Heavy




This shade grown, dry-processed Arabica bean is sourced from the highlands of the Gera Estate at an altitude of 1880-2180m. With a focus on sustainable farming and improving conditions for its workers, the Gera Estate provides employees and their families with free housing, education, health care, and recreational facilities. The optimal soil and meticulous care results in a full-bodied coffee with notes of molasses, blueberry, and bittersweet chocolate.

Dry-processed coffees, also known as “natural-processed,” are coffees dried with the fruit left on the bean. As the coffee cherries dry and break down, they impart a bit of their flavor into the seed. This causes the fruity, often blueberry notes that make dry-processed coffees so special.

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