Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
$8.80 - 14.95 /lb $14.95
$8.80 - 14.95 /lb $14.95
Region: Africa
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In 850 AD, it is said an Ethiopian goat herder discovered the wonders of coffee when his flock grew restless and wouldn’t go to sleep at night. Curious, he discovered that his flock had been eating the cherries of coffee trees. This artisan coffee offers a smooth yet surprisingly deep body and crisp acidity. Displaying a sweet, chocolaty aroma and flavor notes reminiscent of buttery pecan and cocoa powder, these versatile gourmet coffee beans are great for drip coffeemakers, pour over, French press, percolator, and reusable K-Cups. Whether you are writing code or herding goats, you’ll know Yirgacheffe is the discovery of a lifetime.

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Overall rating
One of my favs!
By Carla - 12/26/2017
“I love this coffee. It is so delicious. I gave it to several of my friends for Christmas, knowing that they would love it too. I have received lots of texts telling me how I give the best gifts. Thanks CoffeeBeanDirect!”
By Marty - 12/25/2017
“The best coffee in the world. Smooth, not acidic, great flavor, nice octane!”
Awesome coffee!
By Sukhi - 12/19/2017
“I roasted this just past 1st crack. I've shared it with all my friends/family and all have loved the taste and now have a new found love for fresh roasted coffee.”