Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open
$7.80 - 13.10 /lb $13.10
$7.80 - 13.10 /lb $13.10
Region: South America + India
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Life is too short to let your day pass by unnoticed! Carpe that diem and enjoy a mug of Eyes Wide Open coffee while you’re at it. Combining a blast-off blend of light roasted South American and Indonesian beans, this big and bold brew features notes of sugarcane, lemon, and cacao. It makes for a great morning coffee. Seize the day and make your coffee life extraordinary!

Product Reviews (19)

Overall rating
Eyes wide open
By David - 10/8/2018
“One of my favorite Song!”
Gentle flavor, but still tasty and effective
By Cameron - 4/3/2018
“If you're not a fan of that strong, roasted coffee flavor/smell, this is for you. This tastes more like coffee itself, which some may like. It's also quite potent. I was happy with it, although I find that I prefer a higher roast level than this.”
By Ruzaliya - 2/8/2018
“excellent for morning coffee.”