Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open
$7.55 - 12.85 /lb $12.85
$7.55 - 12.85 /lb $12.85
Region: South America + India
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Many people assume the darker the roast, the more caffeinated the coffee. The reverse is actually the truth. Roasting coffee burns off caffeine, so the longer and darker it roasts, the less caffeine is left in the bean.

This blend is specifically designed as a high octane alternative to your usual morning cup. We start by selecting coffee beans that are naturally higher in caffeine, and then light roast them so as not to burn off much caffeine. The result is a coffee that is ideal to kick start your morning or keep you going all night long.

Product Reviews (17)

Overall rating
By Ruzaliya - 2/8/2018
“excellent for morning coffee.”
Eyes Wide Open
By Robert - 1/26/2018
“Was not really happy with flavor, so I will go back to the monthly roasters blends. ”
great mellow taste
By WILLIAM - 1/21/2018
“enjoy it mixed with columbian roast for breakfast”