Flavored Coffee 5-Pack Sampler

Flavored Coffee 5-Pack Sampler

Product Description

Featuring our most popular flavored coffees on offer, this gift set includes five resealable 1-lb bags. Give your taste buds something to write home about!

Ingredients for all flavored coffees included in sampler: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Flavored Coffee* – Coffee. Chocolate. Peanut Butter. What else is there to say? This flavor is a staff favorite!

French Vanilla Flavored Coffee* – The flavor of sweet, creamy vanilla coalesces with our rich, full-flavored coffee for a truly delicious cup.

Hazelnut Flavored Coffee* – Rich and nutty, this brew perfectly complements our light roasted blend of beans to create a fine cup O’ Joe.

Highlander Grogg Flavored Coffee* – This buttery, spicy blend of flavors with an added kick of Scotch whisky (flavoring...sorry, no alcohol) will invoke your inner Highlander in no time.

Jamaican Me Crazy® Flavored Coffee* – This tropical brew merges our rich, smooth coffee with the flavor of vanilla, caramel, and coffee crème liqueur.

* Selections are subject to change without notice according to availability.

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Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
Great way to sample flavored coffee
By CoffeeDrinker - 7/26/2017
“After having ordered the "Our Favorites - 5 Coffee Sampler Pack" and really enjoying it I figured why not try another 5 blends.

Typically I drink coffee black and generally stay away from flavored coffees but knowing how freshly roasted the previous sampler pack was -- Roast dates on the bags and the aroma to back it up I wasn't disappointed.

The Highlander Grogg is truly awesome! I provided some to family to try, in addition to the French Vanilla which everyone agreed was great.

The Chocolate Peanut Buttor Cup is good, not too overpowering or sweet.

Jamaican Me Crazy and the Hazletnut were good coffees, but not two I'll specifically order again.

The Highlander Grogg will probably be the one flavored coffee I regularly order, everyone that tried it had the same sort of "wow" factor reaction. Very tasty!

Highly recommend the sampler packs to zero in on your favorite coffee”
Heavenly Brew
By Denise - 6/19/2017
“I tried the flavored coffee whole bean sampler, I'm hooked! I was skeptical that I would like the flavors other than Hazelnut, but wow what a surprise, it's much more aromatic, smooth not bitter, a beautiful mild roast, and best of all it is consistent! The main reason I landed here and no longer buy from my previous supplier. It is a little pricey, you might offer a discount on bulk orders, the recent coupon was a nice surprise. I love the shopping bag that is included with my orders as well!”
Very good.
By Peter - 9/4/2016
“Great taste”