French Roast Papua New Guinea

French Roast Papua New Guinea
$8.80 - 15.05 /lb $15.05
$8.80 - 15.05 /lb $15.05
Region: Indonesia
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There’s a lot of talk about coffee from the Jamaican Blue Mountain growing regions. Whenever it comes up, two things are mentioned: the delightfully smooth yet full-bodied flavor profile and the prohibitively high price tag. Luckily, our Papua New Guinea has you covered on both fronts. This unique Indonesian coffee is actually grown on trees transplanted from the Jamaican Blue Mountain region! The aroma of this coffee is slightly floral with a dark chocolate nuance. Wonderfully rich with moderate body, the cup hints at baker's chocolate and berry. We roast this bean to a French Roast level to bring out even more body and enhance the earthiness prevalent in many Indonesian varietals.

Product Reviews (5)

Overall rating
First timer!
By John T - 12/29/2016
“First time having this wonderful bean. Absolute delight! Smooth, balanced and delicious. Another CBD winner, you folks are the best. Thanks for all your work.”
been drinking this for many years now
By ron - 12/1/2016
“i've tried a LOT of these coffees. this one does it for me. great company. always fresh. love the full body yet balanced acidity.”
My taste buds thank you
By Pamela - 6/1/2016
“A rich, robust, not sour at acid after taste. It tastes as good as ithe brewing aroma promises.”