French Roast Peru High Grown

French Roast Peru High Grown
$8.30 - 14.10 /lb $14.10
$8.30 - 14.10 /lb $14.10
Region: South America
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This versatile coffee bean is grown in high altitude regions in Peru. Moderately acidic with a soft body and flavor, this bean is ideal as a blending coffee or all on its own. Much like other South and Central American coffees, this varietal has a slightly nutty flavor quality, but is just a touch gentler. Our French roast generates a fuller body but still retains the delicate balance the superb beans have to offer.

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
So tasty!
By Gail - 5/6/2017
“This coffee has such great flavor! Every time I make this for friends and family they all rave about how good it is!”
Normally don't drink French Roast but...
By Paul - 9/30/2016
“As I do occasionally, I decided that I was bored with what we were drinking and wanted to try something different. This stuff is really good! It is French Roast but with restraint. I would strongly recommend this to anyone that wanted to try a French Roast but was skeptical. The aroma is subtle but definitely "dark side". The flavor is French Roast but "polite", works very well with sugar and 1/2 n 1/2 and has an easy dark Roast character that's just fine straight up...not the last time we will drink thus one. Starbucks Barista grinder, Mellita #4 unbleached, Bunn stainless carafe, RO water at 192 F. Reminds me of grandmas afternoon coffee for guests...very special.”
By Edward - 11/29/2012
“I always buy a darker roast, and I've loved almost all of them, but this is a higher acidic Dark roast....WOW...This is WONDERFUL!”