German Engineered CO2 Decäf™

German Engineered CO2 Decäf™
$12.44 - 19.54 /lb $19.54
$12.44 - 19.54 /lb $19.54
Region: South America
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Product Description

Decaf should taste as rich and full-flavored as the best regular coffee. Our German Engineered CO2 Decäf™ is the pinnacle of that vision. Featuring undertones of almond, cedar, and pear, this well-structured blend was decaffeinated in Germany through the CO2 Process and expertly roasted in-house using our German ProBat roasters. Rediscover your love for the real thing… sans an excess of caffeine.

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Overall rating
Best tasting decaf you will find anywhere
By Paul - 12/17/2017
“Unless you have a strong preference for beans from a specific region or a type of roast, overall this is the best tasting decaf I have ever tasted. It is well worth the premium price.”