Ground Chicory

Ground Chicory
$4.95 - 9.75 /lb $9.75
$4.95 - 9.75 /lb $9.75

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Chicory comes from the dried and roasted root of the Chicory Flower (Cichorium intybus). Throughout history, Chicory has been used as a substitute for coffee in times when coffee was in short supply, and very expensive. Caffeine free with a more "roasted" flavor than regular coffee, it is also more soluble in water, which means you use a lot less of it when brewing. It has a very distinct flavor, and can be an acquired taste for the uninitiated. Product of India.

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DIY Louisiana coffee
By Paul - 10/27/2019
“I had previously reviewed French Roast Colombian Supremo and re-ordered it along with the Chicory to create a Louisiana style blend. It’s good Chicory and works well as an additive to the very good French Roast. The ratio I started with is one Chicory to five French Roast. This works very well but could be increased if more Chicory flavor is wanted. We’re happy with 1:5 and will work with it for a while. My approach involves adding five measures of French Roast to one measure of Chicory in my Burr grinder so that all is the same size for the filter cone. This seems to work well and facilitates a good blending. The resultant Louisiana style coffee is excellent and a whole pot gets drunk with breakfast. Due to the altitude of our house, the water temperature is 192F and is poured through a Melitta filter/cone into a Bunn insulated stainless carafe. It keeps the coffee at drinking temperature until it’s all gone, about four large cups. We add sugar and 1/2 n 1/2 to our liking. If you’ve ever or never tried Louisiana style coffee, I’d say this is a good starting point. My recall says that the coffee/chicory blend at the place in New Orleans has a greater proportion of chicory but this approach provides an opportunity to create your own blend. You might give it a try. For us it’s a pleasant change.”
Ground Chicory
By Dennis or Jo - 6/10/2017
“We have been ordering this Ground Chicory from Coffee Bean Direct for more years than I remember. It is ALWAYS fresh and tasty. Aside from the great taste it adds to all the various flavors we use from Coffee Bean Direct, Chicory has the added bonus of providing health benefits. LOVE it! Ordering more today. Oh, yes, and it freezes VERY well, so feel free to order more so you won't run out! No, I have not been compensated by Coffee Bean Direct to say these things. In fact we frequently "gift" samples of various flavors to family and friends!”
great chicory
By Cynthia - 5/12/2017
“Great ground chicory. I used it in my cold brew to round out the flavor. Delicious. Coffeebeandirect is the best - great products; quick delivery!”