Half-Caff Dark Costa Rican

Half-Caff Dark Costa Rican
$9.85 - 15.70 /lb $15.70
$9.85 - 15.70 /lb $15.70
Region: Central America
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We French roast this full-bodied blend of regular and decaffeinated Costa Rican beans to draw out its hearty notes of honey and citrus. Its flavor profile is marked by subtle chocolate and tart fruit, with a gentle, lingering smokiness.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
By David - 9/17/2017
“I love ❤️ this bean coffee, it is fresh,smells good, and the taste is wonderful. Plus my doctor likes it because it's 50/50 half decaf and I don't have to mix it. Yea !!”
Haf-Caff Dark Costa Rican
By Gordon - 7/13/2017
“Consistently great taste and aroma. A thick, rich taste.
No unpleasant after-taste.”
half caff
By William - 5/27/2017
“Great flavor without the taste of decaf coffee”