Half-Caff Dark Costa Rican

Half-Caff Dark Costa Rican
$9.85 - 15.70 /lb $15.70
$9.85 - 15.70 /lb $15.70
Region: Central America
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A 50/50 blend of regular and decaffeinated Dark Costa Rican beans. Dark roasted and featuring a balanced-to-heavy body with half the caffeine.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
By David - 9/17/2017
“I love ❤️ this bean coffee, it is fresh,smells good, and the taste is wonderful. Plus my doctor likes it because it's 50/50 half decaf and I don't have to mix it. Yea !!”
Haf-Caff Dark Costa Rican
By Gordon - 7/13/2017
“Consistently great taste and aroma. A thick, rich taste.
No unpleasant after-taste.”
half caff
By William - 5/27/2017
“Great flavor without the taste of decaf coffee”