Half-Caff Sumatra

Half-Caff Sumatra
$10.60 - 16.45 /lb $16.45
$10.60 - 16.45 /lb $16.45
Region: Indonesia
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This light roast blend of regular and decaffeinated Sumatra beans features a low acidity and balanced body. This variety is known for its rich, earthy, chocolaty flavor and pungent aroma. If you’re looking for a light roast with intense flavor, this is your bean!

Product Reviews (2)

Overall rating
Excellent coffee. This is a smooth non bitter cup of Coffee.
By Tee - 3/31/2018
“Personally I brew this at a low temperature of 160 to 180 degrees. This temperature bring this coffee to life. It has no aftertaste or acidic burn.

I began experimenting with coffees when my wife began having acid reflux. The smooth body and low acid allows my wife to drink 4 cups and have no acid reflux. The half eliminate the gitters as well.

Wy wife loves Chocolate so I blend 50 50 this with the decafe chocolate for a great tasting cup of coffee the everyone that drinks it loves.

I have family that will only drink Strbks and like my coffee better.

Withor without chocolate this coffee is well received by all that drinks it.

Thank for your superior roasting of in my estimation the best beans in the world.”
Just what I like in the morning!
By Randy - 6/16/2017
“I'm not a big fan of winey, light-bodied coffees. I like Starbuck's drip, but I don't consider it "coffee". This coffee takes a middle course. It has the body and flavor that you get from a fully caffeinated coffee without the lightness of a Mexican or South American coffee or the over-roasted taste of SBX.”