Medium House Blend

Medium House Blend
$8.05 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
$8.05 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
Region: Central + South America, India + Indonesia
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Product Description

This is a special house blend roasted just past the city roast level. This is the last stage before “dark,” so if you aren't fond of the darker roast profiles, and light roasts leave you wanting something more complex, this is for you.

Medium House Blend is quite versatile, combining a complex flavor profile and medium acidity with a full body and aroma.

Product Reviews (5)

Overall rating
Love this coffee!
By Janet - 6/10/2017
“I love this coffee!! It is full bodied and rich without being too strong. I can have coffee in the morning and it keeps me going all day but lets me sleep at night. My favorite coffee of all time!! Thank you Coffee Bean Direct!!”
Very nice indeed.
By Charles - 5/4/2017
“I have been buying these beans for awhile now. Absolutely love the beans and roast. Always fresh and consistent. The roast is dark enough without being too bitter. A very nice, strong, and smooth coffee. Most people who come over say boy that's strong, but while drinking it say, ya know this is very smooth and flavourful. Hope I have made some converts!”
Very Good Coffee
By ModernMia - 9/29/2014
“This coffee surprised me. I was skeptical of a medium blend being smooth enough, caffeinated enough to get me fired up for the day. This blend does all that. Plus, if I make another press-full in the afternoon, it's smooth enough to get me to bedtime without jitters. This is a very good, solid coffee that makes me look forward to enjoying a cup (or 4) in the morning. It works well in my French Press.”