Medium House Blend

Medium House Blend
$8.05 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
$8.05 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
Region: Central + South America, India + Indonesia
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Product Description

This is a special house blend roasted just past the city roast level. This is the last stage before “dark,” so if you aren't fond of the darker roast profiles, and light roasts leave you wanting something more complex, this is for you.

Medium House Blend is quite versatile, combining a complex flavor profile and medium acidity with a full body and aroma.

Very Good Coffee
By ModernMia - 9/29/2014
“This coffee surprised me. I was skeptical of a medium blend being smooth enough, caffeinated enough to get me fired up for the day. This blend does all that. Plus, if I make another press-full in the afternoon, it's smooth enough to get me to bedtime without jitters. This is a very good, solid coffee that makes me look forward to enjoying a cup (or 4) in the morning. It works well in my French Press.”
Not bad
By MC - 4/8/2014
“This was our try #2 for the office. It was lighter than the colombian supremo and a step in the right direction for satisfying many tastes. When I asked our employees, some said it was too strong.
I enjoyed the coffee-I would have preferred a dark roast though.”
Very friendly cup of coffee
By burgerlover - 11/23/2012
“In our eternal quest for the perfect morning cup of coffee we have just finished a pound of this blend. We love it! It is a very tasty blend that exploits the full flavor of the beans while not overwhelming you with the taste of a dark roast. It compares favorably with the CBD breakfast blend and readily accepts a small amount of sugar and cream (use restraint here). It is excellent on its own too. This is one of those coffees that may conjure images of that great diner you used to go to when you were younger...the place that had the best coffee in town and maybe a slice of home made apple pie on the side.

We brew with processed water in a Chemex pot with unbleached filter paper using whole beans through a burr grinder. Our water is at 192 F. when boiling due to the altitude. We grind the beans while warming the water to insure the best freshness possible. ”