Mocha Java

Region: Indonesia + Arabian Peninsula
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History's first coffee blend! This is a true Mocha Java blend, combining our Estate Java and Yemen Mocha Sanani beans. People have been enjoying this blend of Arabian piquancy and Indonesian smoothness for over 400 years. This blend features a delicate balance of bright African acidity and wild flavor notes and the unique smoothness and chocolaty flavor notes on the Indonesians. The result is a quality cup of coffee that has stood the test of time.

not my cup of coffee
By guy - 8/13/2013
“was interested as the beans seemed like it should be a good combo of opposites attracting so to speak. my personal experience was underwhelming. this is not an outright put down of this blend, as this blend has been around longer than any of us has been alive, so i can't argue with success. also i have a prediliction toward coffee characteristics that are heavy in body and with little acidity. this coffee has just a bit too much acidity for me so i will not be purchasing it again. as a sidenote, i tried this blend from a local roaster with the same underwhelming experience.