Organic SWP Decaf City Roast Mexican

Organic SWP Decaf City Roast Mexican
$11.20 - 17.40 /lb $17.40
$11.20 - 17.40 /lb $17.40
Region: Central America
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Decaffeinated - Swiss Water Process - 100% chemical free

Unlike most of our decaf coffees, these beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. The Swiss Water Process is a 100% natural alternative to the methylene chloride process that has become the industry standard.

We roast this variety to a full City Roast to bring out the fullness of the body. Our Mexican features a moderate body and solid acidity with nutty undertones.

There is only one SWP facility in the world, located in Vancouver, Canada. Why is it called “Swiss” and not “Canadian?” Well, because the process was originally developed in Switzerland in the 1930s.

Tasted Burnt
By wood99 - 12/2/2013
“Could not drink this dark roast and we usually enjoy a good hearty dark roast decaf coffee.”