Panama Boquete

Panama Boquete
$9.05 - 14.25 /lb $14.25
$9.05 - 14.25 /lb $14.25
Region: Central America
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Though overlooked in the past, coffee connoisseurs have recently recanted and embraced Panama’s beans. Our Panama Boquete (beau-keh-TAY) is a shining example of superior quality coffee with a complex, rewarding flavor profile that is unlike any other bean we offer. Grown in rich volcanic soil and at high elevations on the slopes of the Baru volcano, Panama Boquete showcases a fruity, yet spicy blend of flavor and features a mild acidity and moderate body. One thing is for certain, this bean was born to set off your taste buds.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Great flavor highly recommended
By David - 5/3/2017
“My wife and I have a passion for Central American coffees. This is one of the better ones at a reasonable price. It is our constant brew.”
good coffee
By matt - 11/18/2016
“just purchased a pound bag of this smooth coffee at my local market i must say the panamainian boquette is great i love it ”
Solved a problem...
By Paul - 9/13/2016
“My wife had been having post breakfast upset stomach...I concluded that the combination of orange juice acidity and coffee acidity might have been to blame. She refused to stop the orange juice so we tried this low acid, great stuff! It solved the problem and added a new coffe to our personal list of highly approved coffees. Not overwhelming at all but a very pleasant and subtle wake up coffee. Tasty but unagressive. Go is with sugar and cream. Filter brewed with pure water at 192 degrees F. ”