Indian Monsooned Malabar

Indian Monsooned Malabar
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Great coffee
By Brandon - 1/30/2016
“I grind this variety fresh every morning and I love it. When I brew it at work, people come from all over the floor to comment on the intoxicated aroma.”
My Favorite
By Robbie - 4/24/2013
“What a great coffee! It has a unique flavor I have not found in any other coffee and I have have had many. Very balanced and smooth. An anytime of the day coffee. I brew it fresh ground for staff at a restaurant that serves unexceptional coffee and they all love it.”
My new CBD favorite!
By DEJA - 2/14/2013
“I've tried 5 or 6 different flavors from CBD, and so far this Indian Malabar is my favorite! I prefer a lighter roast and my boyfriend prefers dark. We've been trying to find a nice compromise that pleases us both. He was dubious about this one, til we tried it! It is very smooth and mild. It doesn't have that strong "bite" of darker roast coffees, but is still full of flavor. Goes great with cream and sugar, which is how I love my morning coffee. The best way I can describe this coffee is "earthy." This bean pleases both palettes in this household! Will repurchase.”
Love this!
By Kristen - 11/9/2012
“I've tried about 10 coffees from CoffeeBeanDirect and this is my favorite. It's just as the other reviewers have said....not bitter but full of flavor. Delicious!”
By Donovan - 2/7/2012
“I actually normally only drink dark roast coffee but I thought I'd try this and take a break from it. I was pleasantly surprised that this lighter roast coffee still had a very robust flavor. Very pleasing deep earthy taste to this coffee. I would order it again. ”
The best
By Sarah - 12/23/2011
“This coffee is just what I like-low acid but full robust body without bitter after taste.
I will order this as often as possible-so glad I tried it”