Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG

Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG
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OK for light roast coffee
By E-Coffee - 10/31/2018
“I am not a big fan of light roast coffee, so please read this review with that in mind. The coffee smells really good in the bag, but when prepared as a drink, it disappoints. It seems low in acidity, which is OK, but the taste is bland for the most part. The redeeming feature is a light, aromatic bouquet that is the odor of the coffee coming through the liquid. That elusive, transparent, aromatic kick is what makes it worth drinking. ”
By Deborah - 7/26/2018
“I have two coffees that just seem to make my taste buds go “Ahhhh”....this is not one. I have ordered it twice by accident and gave both lbs away. Just not my flavor. So I won’t put it down because it might be a taste that is right for someone. I like smooth soft spoken coffees without any chocolate flavors. I see lots of good ratings so try it!”
Very good coffee!
By Joseph - 12/29/2017
“Great value and great taste.”
Smooth taste
By LK - 12/17/2017
“A nice smooth taste with low acidity that doesn't bother my stomach. A light roast, which i prefer, that definitely gives you that extra kick to get the day started. I love that it is a Fair Trade coffee.”
I love getting up in the morning knowing this coffee is waiting for me!
By Michael - 6/6/2017
“A trip to Nicaragua, and a stay at an organic coffee farm made me love this coffee, and when I searched online, CoffeeBeanDirect was the solution. Amazingly quick service, great product, fair price. Drink up and help the organic farmers in Nicaragua. ”