Seville Orange Flavored Coffee

Seville Orange Flavored Coffee
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By Joanne - 7/19/2019
“I only drink flavored coffee. Could not find flavored whole bean in a lot of markets. I am thrilled to find such a wonderful selection here! This is great orange coffee. Just opening the bag and smelling it make me happy. I went by all the reviews and bought the 40 oz. bag. Thank you all! I will be back for more.”
Excellent citrus notes, satisfying
By Tim - 10/8/2018
“This coffee.... Where to begin.... Well I ordered a bag to test out this company and specifically, this flavor of coffee. My ex girlfriend had used to brew orange coffee a lot when we dated some years back, and I could never seem to find the flavor after the fact.

This seems to be exactly the flavor I remember minus the vanilla creamer, which I no longer use.

If you're looking for a citrus coffee, I really recommend this one. It's fantastic.”
So so
By Marguerite - 9/21/2018
“Not as I thought it would after taste did not agree with my palette.
Although, my husband found it pleasing...”
By Lena - 3/18/2018
“subtle delicious orange undertones. the peels are really effective. bought some for my parents who r coffee snobs and my mom loves it!!!! i give the flavoreds one star off bc they are a bit too weak:/”
Add chocolate for the best results!
By Lizzy - 2/14/2018
“Orange and coffee make for an oddball pairing, but a surprisingly delicious one! If you're a fan of citrus, then this is the coffee for you. If you're a fan of chocolate and citrus, add a packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate for an impromptu Seville Orange Mocha. Best thing about this flavor is how well chocolate pairs with it. ”
feel like in paradise when you drink this coffee
By Aleksandar - 12/30/2017
“This is best coffee in the world. Very, very delicious, smooth , perfect strong. The bag is so nice. Delivery was faster than speed of light . Coffee bean direct is not 5 stars. It is worth millions stars. Love it. ”
This is my FAVORITE!
By Debbie - 12/10/2017
“I love this coffee! Not only is the flavor delicious, Coffee Bean Direct does everything to perfection - the grid, the resealable package design, and a handwritten thank you message. I've had other orange-flavored coffees, but none compare to the freshness and flavor. You can even see that they use real orange rinds in with the coffee beans.”
Best orange coffee ever!
By Tammie - 10/21/2017
“This is the best orange coffee I've ever had! It's so smooth and delicious. <3”
Favorite "go to" blend
By Michele - 10/16/2017
“Love love LOVE this flavor!!!! Perfect orange flavor that couples nicely with the coffee bean.”
By Sarah - 8/30/2017
“love this as a treat on weekends. have ordered many times. Great orange flavor but not over powering. Smell wonderful.”