Sulawesi Kalossi

Sulawesi Kalossi
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Complex flavorful bean
By Stefan - 4/2/2018
“This is a great choice for milk based drinks. I find 20gr in and 40gr out is the best for most milk based drinks.(this yields just under 2 oz every time) I have consistent results when I weigh output instead of using volume. Whenever I make this for a guest they love it saying it is the best coffee they ever had. Love CBD ”
By Hank - 3/17/2018
“I like a dark roast but my new grinder had static problems with the one I was using

I prefer a low acid coffee and read that lighter roasts aren't as prone to static, both properties of Sulawesi Kalossi; static problem minimized!

And the flavor is smooth but full. I use a finer grind than normal but there is no bitterness.
Best Ever
By john - 2/12/2018
“Tried just about every bean here. Now i order others BUT a 5 lb bag of this bean has to accompany it ! :-)”
5+ years and still loving it
By ANDREA - 1/12/2018
“I’ve been buying this coffee for longer than I can remember and I still enjoy the earthy, smooth taste that it embodies. Very difficult to find and am so glad that CBD carries it. I am usually a dark roast, espresso loving coffee drinker, but this coffee has satisfied me and my husband for a long time. Others I’ve recommended it to have bought it.”
By Ted - 8/1/2017
“This coffee brings the word "wow" to my mind with every first sip of a fresh made cup. Definitely one of the best coffees I have ever drank. Thanks for the great coffee!”
Coffee lovers delight
By Andrew - 7/28/2017
“Jamaican Blue Mountain, move on over! Sulawesi Kalossi is the king of a smooth, exotic brew perfect for your morning wake up call. Love this bean.”
The perfect coffee?
By roofmonqey - 7/1/2017
“I love coffee, all kinds. I don't know about "subtle nuances", different taste "tones" of almond flowers, chocolate, coconut or whatever. I just know what I like. In the past couple of years I have tried about 25 different varieties, mostly from CoffeeBeanDirect. And I have been reluctant to give any of those coffee's the coveted 5 star rating. Many are 4's, even some 4 1/2's but I have finally found my 5 star coffee in Sulawesi Kalossi. I can't even pronounce the name properly but this is the real deal coffee, my search for a 5 star coffee is over. So no, I'm not going to recommend it, just leave it all for me to buy! ”
Full bodied Light Roast
By John - 5/2/2017
“I generally prefer dark roasts, but was intrigued by tasting notes of a heavy body with a light roast. This is a very good coffee although my preference is Dark Sulawesi Kalossi (my favorite from Coffeebean Direct). Only a few reviews indicates not enough people giving this one a try - not sure why. Add a pound to your next order.”
fine indonesian coffee
By guy - 6/2/2016
“taste description: less earthy than sumatra. has tones of bakers chocolate and a hint of tobacco.
nice addition and pleasant change of pace from the columbian supremo i have been drinking.
need i say that the taste characteristics are heavy on the tongue that a typical indonesian has., and the after taste is also typical of the indonesians, muted flavors on the aftetaste of tabbaco.
i don't know why there are not more reviews for some of these coffees. they really are what i always consicered a coffee should taste like.”
Outstanding Bean
By Mark - 1/25/2014
“My two-cents worth: This regular roast Sulawesi Kalossi exhibits a finer palatte of flavors and aromas than the Dark Roast Sulawesi. I'm certain that the Regular Roast aftertaste is much more refined and "roasty," lasting for upwards of two minutes. Maybe the additional roasting time tends to mute some of the nuances of this wonderful terroir. Pour yourself a half-cup and just sip this brew and enjoy.
I find that my "taster" is better adjusted in the afternoon versus the early morning.
Bottom line, I used to equate depth of roast with "better flavor." In the case of premium beans like this Sulawesi, that is not the case. The richness, smoothness, and complexity are fully alive in this regular roast.
Unqualified Recommendation!”