Tanzanian Peaberry

Tanzanian Peaberry
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Outstanding Coffee
By Steven - 6/28/2015
“This coffee stands out as one of the Worlds best. I usually am not a fan of African coffee but Tanzanian Peabody is the exception. Slightly sweet just the right roast profile and unique taste combined to make this exceptional.Great job Coffeebean Direct!!”
Excellent coffee
By Jeffrey - 1/24/2015
“Love this coffee. CBD does the best job roasting to get that perfect cup of coffee. I've bought from other online coffee suppliers and the beans are all oily and I hate that. These beans are picture perfect. I enjoy this coffee morning, noon and night. I truly believe you will not find better coffee or value. To everyone working at CBD excellent job and thank you for a job well done!”
My Favorite Coffee
By Kevin - 1/19/2015
“This bean is smooth and offers complex flavor. I used to get it at my local roaster, but after finding it on Coffee Bean Direct, I will only purchase it from from CBD because it sells it at half the price and with more flavor. CBD your roasting is superb and your varieties are excellent. Tanzanian Peaberry is the best coffee I've had. Buy this coffee, you wont regret it!”
Tanzanian Peaberry
By Michael - 9/11/2013
“I have been drinking Tanzanian Peaberry from Barnies Coffee ever since 1990. As far as I was concerned, there was no better coffee in the world. I was wrong. The Tanzanian Peaberry from Coffee Bean Direct is even better. What a superb job of roasting. They have turned this coffee into an event to be enjoyed. I have tried many different beans and roasts, but Tanzanian Peaberry is the one that I truly enjoy and look forward to.”
Absolutely bursts with flavor!
By corey - 6/20/2012
“I tried this coffee as part of my last order and I will not be going back to Mocha Java! This coffee has the most flavorful and vibrant taste Ive come across yet!”
By CoffeeLover - 5/5/2012
“This makes a unique cup of coffee and definitely worth trying!”