Vermont Maple Crunch Flavored Coffee

Vermont Maple Crunch Flavored Coffee
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Nice flavor
By Wendy - 11/9/2019
“Nice flavor, love the maple flavor. ”
By Susan - 10/25/2018
“ of all my coffee flavors that I love this one remains in my top 3 favorites. iI just love everything about it and maple is a true flavor...please stay true to this as it can not be perfected!”
Pleasant surprise
By CherBear - 11/23/2017
“I like all things maple and was intrigued by the combination of flavors. It has just the right amount of aroma and taste - not overdone like many flavored coffees. A new favorite.”
It's not a bad coffee...
By Richard - 10/25/2017
“But where's the maple? I love all things maple. I was so hopeful for this coffee. I will admit I was suspicious of flavored whole bean can that be? Immediately upon getting the box in the house, I started boiling water for the French Press. Upon opening the bag of beans I No maple. Okay... I will smell it when I grind the beans, right? No. Okay, well, when the hot water hits the grinds I will smell it, right? No. Okay - well, I will definitely taste the maple! No. It's a decent coffee. A great roast and a bit of a flavor there. But maple... not so much. ”
very nice
By Sarah - 8/30/2017
“not over powering, closer to a basic coffee vs flavored. We enjoyed it alot. will order again.”
By Momma Cindy - 6/23/2017
“Excellent flavor & a family favorite!!! Thanks again for having such great products!!!! ”
Love it!
By Marion - 5/30/2017
“Being a devoted maple lover, I had to try this coffee, and love it. Not a strong maple flavor, moderate. I will continue to order this.”
need to try again...
By Christina - 5/25/2013
“Sadly disappointed--The first 2 cups I had were fantastic! My mother and I even thought that our cold coffee that had been sitting in the car all day had more flavor than the Starbucks we had just drank. But somehow every cup I had after these first 2 didn't seem to have any flavor. How is that possible?? I'll try this again in the future, perhaps my taste buds were off that week :(”