City Roast Costa Rican

City Roast Costa Rican
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By Jay Z - 3/29/2019
“This coffee is a fantastic break from my usual rotation of Peru-Mexican-Brazil. Sometimes I need a nice long detour to Costa Rica to relax from the usual coffee beans I order, and this is just the right coffee bean vacation from my other orders.”
Great coffee
By Jerry - 2/5/2019
“Very good. Will have to order more. A great city roast.”
By Jack - 1/9/2018
“I thought I would try this one and I wasn't disappointed at all. It was ok for my super auto machine also because it wasn't oily even in the city roast. ”
Outstanding !!!
By Susan M. - 12/8/2017
“My son sent me a bag of beans for Christmas quite a few years ago. I tried a few different blends UNTIL I tried this . . . Now I'm hooked !!! I haven't bought any coffee from anyone since I started with CoffeeBeanDirect . . . Great products !!!”
My new favorite coffee
By Kay - 8/5/2017
“I've been a long-time Colombian coffee drinker, with Kenya AA being a close second, but this City Roast Costa Rican has moved to the front of the pack. Love this coffee - so rich, smooth and comforting.”
Lifelong Coffee of Choice
By Juli - 6/23/2017
“I first received this as a holiday gift and I have been hooked ever since. I believe that was approx. 2005, so I've been hooked over a dozen years. I often give this coffee as a gift and every time receive raves. ”
Just love it . . .
By Susan M. - 6/17/2017
“My son sent me this close to 4 1/2 years ago for Christmas & I have been "hooked" ever since. Terrific flavor, great body, & wonderful aroma. Thank you, Coffee Bean Direct . . . It's ALWAYS fresh. Keep up the great work !”
City Roast hits the spot
By Tony - 9/21/2015
“I tried three different roasts in my attempt to recapture the taste I found in Costa Rica. The dark was too dark, the light too light, but City Roast tastes just like the coffee I remember from Costa Rica. I recommend it highly.”
very good
By Jay - 4/10/2015
“I frequently try other coffees, depending on the market. But I never fail to order a 5 lib bag of whole bean for this coffee. This is the real deal for any true coffee lover.”
By Donald B - 12/26/2014
“My wife prefers the heavy bodied coffees [found using the advanced option]

The taste is bold and it rolls on the tongue without any aftertaste.

Three thumbs up?

db ”