Half-Caff Breakfast Blend

Half-Caff Breakfast Blend
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good way to start the day
By JOSEPH - 11/18/2017
“excellent coffee delivered within 2 days of placing order”
Laid back start to the day...
By Paul - 11/16/2017
“The idea was to reduce the coffee jitters but still have a good wake up cup. This one hits the nail in the head. It’s sort of a Clark Kent...mild mannered, but without Superman waiting in the phone booth. Not as dynamic as other CBD beans but still a pleasant start to the day. ”
Best Morning coffee without the jitters
By robert - 8/6/2017
“Half-caff Breakfast Blend is a smooth and tasty coffee treat. It pairs well with all breakfast meals.. The half cafe is perfect for those who want a little jolt in the morning but not jitters”