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Kenya AA
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Second Kenyan Shipment
By Phillip - 4/30/2019
“Received my second shipment of Kenyan coffee with a light-medium roast. It was OK, but definitely not as good as the first shipment. It also lacked the wonderful aroma of the first shipment. This shipment also included my first Tanzanian Peaberry from this wholesaler which was definitely below average. This has been my experience with coffee wholesalers. Not unusual to get good coffee on the first shipment and then downhill after that. Like all coffee reviews, this one is specific to the batch I received. ”
Smells Divine
By Phillip - 4/3/2019
“My 3/30/19 review of the Kenyan AA Coffee noted how hard it is to get a good cup of coffee and a good bottle of Pinot Noir red wine. The distributors exist to sell all the junk that is produced, not provide quality products to consumers. As noted, once you taste the real thing, the hunt is on. There is simply no substitute for a great Pinot Noir or a great East African coffee, assuming it is fresh and properly roasted. The same is true with the smell. Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region, particularly the Pinar del Rio area, produces tobacco like no other place. The trade won’t admit it because again, they need to sell all the junk produced by the global industry. Like a good coffee, you don’t even need to smoke them to tell if they are the real thing, all you need to do is smell them. The same is true with Kenyan coffee. If it doesn’t smell good, it won’t ever taste good. In addition to being delicious, the smell of the Coffee Bear Direct Kenyan I recently purchased is divine. Absolutely divine. Strange, but Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo’s soil is a rich red just like East African Coffee areas. Would be nice to see Coffee Bean Direct offer us coffee freaks a quality Malawi from East Africa. Please!!!”
The Real Thing
By Phillip - 3/30/2019
“I have been an East African coffee consuming fanatic for many decades, including Kenyan, Tanzanian & Malawi. The journey has not been inexpensive or particularly satisfying. Like a good Pinot Noir - one out of one hundred are worth drinking - when you find a good East African coffee, you are hooked. Finding a supplier that provides high quality, fresh roasted, properly roasted as advertised and is CONSISTENT is almost impossible. The consumer reviews are also of little help because negative reviews, including my own, are rarely posted. Even when you find a good supplier, none have been consistent. My first shipment of Kenyan from Coffee Bean Direct arrived last week and it was outstanding. Will post again in the future on their consistency. Fresh roasted and fresh brewed Kenyan with a small amount of rough/raw Turbinado and a tangerine rind is some experience. I look forward to it all day. Having a cup now. Wow!”
By patrica - 9/1/2018
“I forgot to say that the Kenya was rich!!! ”
By patrica - 9/1/2018
“Top notch Kenya - deeply aromatic, strong. sweet with just the right amount of acicity - this is REAL COFFEE. Excellent for starting the day and keeping you charged throughout the day without the coffee crash!!! Wonderful coffee. This is my daily must have cup! Many many thanks”
Great coffee
By DEM - 1/17/2018
“The coffee is always great, the shipments are on time and prices are reasonable. Happy customer!”
Kenya AA
By Yehuda - 1/5/2018
“First time to order from Coffee Bean direct. Love Kenya AA and the (light) roast is just right. Service prompt and efficient.”
Simply perfect.
By David - 1/2/2018
“I havte been buying from CBD for 8 years or so, working my way through every coffee they sell. My wife and I agree, THIS is the absolute best coffee we have ever tried.
This is the perfect coffee, in my opinion. Good body, great flavor, no unpleasant attributes at all. Our subscription is setup, and we already know this coffee has spoiled us to anything else.
CBD is also a great company, they treat even little guys like me as if I owned a chain of coffee shops. Try this, you will not be disappointed.”
Best Coffee I Ever Tasted
By LARRY - 8/1/2017
“ I love coffee and have since I began drinking it to help me study late into the evening when I was in college in the late 1970s. Of all of the coffees that I have drunk over the years, Kenya AA from Coffee Bean Direct is my favorite. I enjoy a strong brew made with the lighter roast.
Open the bag, smell the wonderful bouquet, brew a cup and you will be sold. Absolute Heaven on earth!”
None better
By mike - 7/2/2017
“Aaa choice”