Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan

Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan
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OK, but not my favorite
By Ellen - 11/26/2018
“The aroma of the ground coffee is quite sharp and woody, promising the "strong" coffee mentioned in the description. However, when brewed, it loses that edge and reminds me of a second extraction from coffee grounds that have already been used once, or the bland, bottomless-cup coffee served in traditional American diners. Bottom line: an OK coffee, but not my favorite. ”
Comes off Burnt
By CBUS-Bean Club - 6/25/2018
“This bean and roast consistently comes off with strong burnt notes. If one is a fan of Starbucks, then this should be the coffee for them. ”
My first time...
By Donald B - 12/17/2017
“with this coffee. I opened the 5# bag and stuck my nose in. The smell was woody, kinda like oak. I just have my first cup beside me and it tastes great, I can't be more precise.”
This is a HIT
By Gary - 8/10/2017
“We have purchased 10+ #25 bags of group and clients love it. It is a hit ! ! !
Gary, G B Hanson Awards”
Exceptional coffee at and great price
By Bobbie - 3/8/2017
“I've tried several brands of organic an non-organic guatemalan. This is the standout. It is fresh, tastes great and is a good value. I've sampled other of CoffeeBean Direct's beans and I always come back to Organic FairTrade Guatemalan. Thank you CoffeeBean Direct for great coffee and a great sample program! ”