Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Flavored Coffee

Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Flavored Coffee
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By Jill - 9/24/2018
“Love the flavor and aroma. A definite keeper!”
Love love love
By billie - 5/13/2018
“I am in love with this coffee!! I order it every time I order coffee. The smell and taste are to die for. Even the people in my office love the smell of my coffee in the morning and I brew it at home!!! This coffee is a staple in my coffee addiction home!! ”
Not the best
By Sheila - 11/30/2017
“This coffee really doesn't have any flavor to it , it just tastes like plain old coffee to me.”
Sea salt caramel mocha Addictioln !
By Sheri - 9/4/2017
“This coffee is truly heaven in a cup. I signed up for auto ship so I never have to be without. My husband use to be a boring plain coffee guy until sea salt caramel mocha came into our life. ”
By Lena - 5/16/2017
“This both smells and tastes great...subtle but solid flavors of all the elements; a bit weak for my taste...”
Top Notch!
By Krista - 4/18/2017
“This is a fantastic coffee with a beautiful aroma out of the bag and freshly brewed. Makes delicious hot or iced coffee, and a fantastic pick me up for a bummer day. LOVE it!”
This is the best
By La Trecia Moore - 1/26/2017
“I can't say anything bad about this coffee. Very smooth and the taste is amazing. I will have this in my store next month.”
bought this on a whim
By Mary - 12/30/2016
“This coffee is excellent, is my favorite at the moment!!!”
By Joan - 7/5/2014
“One of my favorites.........”
Good. 9/10
By Daniel - 11/15/2012
“I brought this into work and it lasted 2 days. The beginning is sweet and then it dies down into a smooth, round chocolatey flavor. Incredibly tasty. 9/10.”