Organic Bali Blue Moon

Organic Bali Blue Moon
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Once in a blue moon
By Otis - 4/6/2019
“This is the best coffee ever. I don’t know why it got negative reviews. Definitely low acid, I can enjoy coffee every day now. The taste is superb. No bitter taste just delicious coffee.
Thank you Coffee Bean Direct!”
not crazy about this one
By anna - 3/31/2019
“I didn't like this one. It had a slightly burnt flavor, which to me suggests that it is a medium roast, not light. I just don't like the burnt flavor, so I won't be getting this one again.”
Solid Cup of Joe
By Sancho Man - 11/10/2018
“Amazing brew with a low acidity level, good for casual and morning drinkers with weaker stomachs like myself. I also ordered my dad a bag (he is accustomed to the bottom of the barrel crud), and he loved it. Nothing too strong, and a by no means not too light. A coffee drinkable every day and any day. Would highly recommend for those who who just like a solid cup of joe.
For a Bali Good Time
By Olin - 8/26/2018
“For the last 3 years Bali Blue was my go too coffee. Then without warning my local store stopped stocking it. I found it again here on Coffee Bean Direct and am once again enjoying this tasty brew. Good strong earthy taste, good after taste, smooth, and low acid. I am happy to find this once again.”
Great coffee
By Stefan - 4/2/2018
“Very fresh and full of flavor. My Expobar Lever makes very consistent shots w/ these beans. Makes the best flat white since this is a low acid bean. Thanks cbd”
Better Than Expected
By Keith - 2/20/2018
“Smooth full flavor with low acidity. Great for any sensitive stomach. Adjusting the grind level is a bit tricky, but now it's just right. Definitely a keeper. ”
By LK - 12/17/2017
“Another great quality product from CBD just not a flavor for me. A little overpowering. ”
By Maureen - 12/11/2017
“I could definitely taste citrus. Not a bad thing, but not what I'm used to .
I finished the bag, so it was not that bad!”
Love this coffee!
By Patricia - 7/28/2017
“CBD describes this coffee perfectly! Deliciously smooth, satisfying and low acid. ”
Excellent brew!
By matwro - 6/14/2017
“A great coffee and the price is right. The more I drink the more I like. Great morning brew!”