Grandfather's Blend®

Grandfather's Blend®
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Grandfather Knows Best!
By Steve - 9/25/2018
“Once in a great while you come across a product that makes you go, "Wow!" This coffee is one of those products. It hits on all the prerequisites: aroma, taste, flavor and satisfaction. It blew me away with the aroma alone! Then, that first sip told me I was hooked. Bold flavor with no bitterness, no after taste. Just great coffee flavor that my grandfather would have enjoyed. Do yourself a favor and buy some!”
By Jesse - 9/9/2018
“I absolutely love this coffee. I have a subscription to keep it coming to me. It is so smooth and bold at the same time. It takes me back and reminds me of the times sitting with my grandma and drinking some coffee. I also want to say thank you for the shirt coffee bean direct. I will not shop any where else for my coffee. You have won me over!”
As a Grandfather - Delicious!
By Mike - 5/22/2018
“Our new favorite! Bold and smooth either black or with 'additives.' Makes wonderful cold brew as well!”
By Corey - 3/10/2018
“So I usually buy in orders of 2lbs and get one single origin, and one flavored.

This time around I went with a flavored and this wonderful blend.

Very very little acidity and a good body, not that heavy though. I am bad at picking out flavors but it was really good!

It doesn't taste dark roasted at all, and I'd place it at a medium/light roast. If I wasn't one to try new single origins all the time, this would be my 2nd favorite behind the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.”
Excellent flavor
By Christine - 2/20/2018
“yummy. My husband and I really enjoyed its flavor. Brewed perfectly in our electric perch. ”
Nope Nope Nope
By Vanessa - 2/4/2018
“Hated it! This is the first coffee from CBD that I did not like. I tried it several times but it is just too strong for me. I have now mixed it with another bag from CBD to tone it down. Their description is spot on! It is everything they say it is, just not for me. I salute those that love it! You are my hero. I still love CBD and will continue to order. I love being able to try something different every month.”
Grandfathers Blend
By country - 1/21/2018
“Grandfathers Blend Bold and Strong (period)
Yet do not assume you'll experience any bad after-tastes or hints of this or that(?)
All pure Gorgeously bold and strong coffee that your pallet will fall in love with!
The 'roast' is a beautiful medium-brown with none of the typical burnt finishes often found in the dark-roasted blends, I'm loving it! If you could have ONLY one cup of coffee...this one would be your choice!
By James - 12/31/2017
“This is a reason to get up in the morning. The rich smell gets you out of bed and it still has the substance to holds it own with your grandfather's bacon and eggs!”
Wonderful, Please keep this one.
By Elizabeth K - 12/24/2017
“What caught my eye was the pick-up with the driver and the two dogs, what made me try was the description, and it was just like the coffee my parents used to have. They ground it in a wall mounted hand grinder, the hopper was blue and white and I was in heaven when my folks finally let me drink my own cup. Thank you for the memory and please do not stop making this coffee.”
Simply the best
By Janna - 10/31/2017
“This is hands down the best blend I’ve ever tasted. I love the Colombian city roast, and have been drinking that for years. But this blend is every bit as good as that. It’s smooth, but strong. But it’s not acidic and bitter. All in all it’s close to perfection. PLEASE don’t let this one go. ”