Dark Brazilian Santos

Dark Brazilian Santos
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I really like this
By Brian - 2/22/2019
“I have only tried a couple of varieties. This is by far the one I like best... so far. I like a bold cup of coffee and this is great. I only gave it 4 stars because I have a limited amount of types tried and haven’t found my favorite yet”
great flavor
By MLNicklas - 12/17/2018
“this one has great flavor and balance.”
My dad would’ve loved this
By Rosaluxe - 12/12/2017
“He always talked about the winey flavor of Brazilian coffee, and this has it. A great cup is brewing right now as I prepare to reorder!”
Love Dark Brazilian Santos
By Sharon - 11/23/2017
“I am new to Coffee Bean, but I know, after purchasing and tasting their Dark Brazilian Santos, I am going to be a long time customer. It’s full bodied and smooth with low acidity...Love it! It’s my new favorite! ”
Second time around
By Joe - 11/20/2017
“I have ordered this one before and remembered that it was good but could not remember how good until the second order arrived. Full bodied and low acidity make this one a favorite at my house. If you have not tried this one yet, go ahead and get a 2.5 lb bag!”
Excellent alternative
By Gloria - 9/11/2017
“The Dark Brazilian Santos has a "toastier" flavor but is still mellow and flavorful. While I prefer the taste of the regular Brazilian Santos, I definitely recommend the Dark Brazilian Santos for those who like a more toasty yet mellow tasting coffee. ”
By Greg - 9/7/2017
“I buy a lot of coffee on line, most of the time I'm disappointed, however Coffee Bean Direct has gone beyond my expectations, some of the best and freshest coffee I have found, very strong and flavorful, strong aroma thought out the house. Coffee Bean Direct has this hands down, great price too. You have a customer in me”
Dark Brazilian Santos
By Gary - 7/8/2017
“Great rich roasted flavor whole bean without being drenched in oil that clogs machines. Love it! Our go to everyday coffee.”
Light on acidity but full flavor
By Paul - 5/12/2017
“We've tried several blends but this is our favorite by far. Great flavor but light acidity. Always consistent great customer service and speedy delivery.”
The Best of the Beans
By MaryElizabeth - 5/1/2017
“Dark Brazilian Santos is your most superb bean!It's roasted to perfection for a smooth, rich, full-bodied cup of coffee that tastes is great EVERYTIME. As a longtime customer, I will always remain faithful to this particular bean, although on occasion I have bought other roasts for myself or as gifts- Dark Brazilian Santos is truly the best tasting coffee of all! The low acidity and rich full-bodied blast is wonderful!”