Dark Brazilian Santos

Dark Brazilian Santos
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Smooth and Deep Darkness
By matthew - 8/14/2014
“Just purchased for the first time, and really impressed by the smooth, rich, and full french roast. No bitterness but has our favorite dark richness.”
Excellent flavor
By Patricia - 6/3/2013
“If you like your coffee strong and dark, then I think you'll be very pleased with this one. It has a wonderfully smooth, rich dark flavor. It's really yummy, and I'm buying more!”
Dark Brazilian Santos
By Bill - 3/14/2013
“I tried this coffee, I like it, has a rich flavor like a French roast. Its similar to City Roast Colombian Supremo, which I personally, like a bit more. But good rich flavor body coffee.”
Brazilian Santos with attitude.
By Burgerlover - 6/11/2012
“I ilke the regular Brazilian Santos better but this is a nice change with a little more character for days when that seems to be a good idea. It has the same flavor as the regular Santos but with a nice dark roast emphasis. Brewed in Chemex with RO waterat 192 F. ”
Smoothest blend ever...
By bee83301 - 11/28/2011
“If you like Sumatra, it's a good chance you will enjoy this blend. It has a good dark strength, but not the acidity of the Espresso blends. Definitely my favorite coffee from this company, and I have tried many.”