Dark Brazilian Santos

Dark Brazilian Santos
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Light on acidity but full flavor
By Paul - 5/12/2017
“We've tried several blends but this is our favorite by far. Great flavor but light acidity. Always consistent great customer service and speedy delivery.”
The Best of the Beans
By MaryElizabeth - 5/1/2017
“Dark Brazilian Santos is your most superb bean!It's roasted to perfection for a smooth, rich, full-bodied cup of coffee that tastes is great EVERYTIME. As a longtime customer, I will always remain faithful to this particular bean, although on occasion I have bought other roasts for myself or as gifts- Dark Brazilian Santos is truly the best tasting coffee of all! The low acidity and rich full-bodied blast is wonderful!”
Smooth and Deep Darkness
By matthew - 8/14/2014
“Just purchased for the first time, and really impressed by the smooth, rich, and full french roast. No bitterness but has our favorite dark richness.”
Excellent flavor
By Patricia - 6/3/2013
“If you like your coffee strong and dark, then I think you'll be very pleased with this one. It has a wonderfully smooth, rich dark flavor. It's really yummy, and I'm buying more!”
Dark Brazilian Santos
By Bill - 3/14/2013
“I tried this coffee, I like it, has a rich flavor like a French roast. Its similar to City Roast Colombian Supremo, which I personally, like a bit more. But good rich flavor body coffee.”
Brazilian Santos with attitude.
By Burgerlover - 6/11/2012
“I ilke the regular Brazilian Santos better but this is a nice change with a little more character for days when that seems to be a good idea. It has the same flavor as the regular Santos but with a nice dark roast emphasis. Brewed in Chemex with RO waterat 192 F. ”
Smoothest blend ever...
By bee83301 - 11/28/2011
“If you like Sumatra, it's a good chance you will enjoy this blend. It has a good dark strength, but not the acidity of the Espresso blends. Definitely my favorite coffee from this company, and I have tried many.”