Brazilian Santos

Brazilian Santos
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My favorite coffee
By Thomas - 6/20/2017
“This is a very light, very flavorful coffee. It is definitely my favorite coffee from CBD so far!”
Favorite so far.
By JEK - 5/10/2017
“This is the third light roast I've ordered from CBD and it is my favorite so far. I've also tried the Tanzanian Peaberry and the Light House Blend, and I think this Santos retains the origin character of the bean the best of the three. Very good. ”
We love it!
By Birgit - 5/2/2017
“As a new customer this are the third beans we tried.
We found what we were looking for with this light roasted flavourful low acid beans. We love the cocoa aftertaste a lot.
I'm going to order this again now. ”
Can't Get Enough
By Deborah - 3/17/2017
“This coffee is absolutely wonderful. Lots of flavor that just 1 cup is not enough. When I get ready to order I look at all kinds of light roast and no matter how hard I try not to put it in my cart I always end up buying this coffee. You will not regret buying this variety!”
Brazilian Santos
By Shane - 3/8/2017
“Very nice coffee here. Real smooth, not too overwhelming. I would buy this again.”
Great Daily Drinker
By John - 3/1/2017
“This is a great coffee you can drink everyday. Good smooth flavor with soft finish. A great change of pace if you are tired of the same old medium roasts in the morning.”
Very smooth and great flavor
By Abhishek - 2/25/2017
“I loved this coffee. Very less acidic and very smooth. It is way better than the stuff I used to buy from my super market.”
My Favorite!
By Schaefman - 10/31/2016
“I just love this stuff! Because of the low acidity, I can drink it any time of day, and it won't mess with my stomach... Not only that, but it's truly one of the best tasting coffees I've had. Gotta keep this one in stock in my house.”
By Douglas - 5/31/2016
“I made a big pitcher of iced coffee, today, with this brand. I realized two things: a) I still love it, even after two re-orders. b) my stock is low; time to re-order again! It's a very balanced coffee, that has both flavor and low acid. As I've gotten older, I've found my tolerance for acid has gone down. This fits the bill just right.”
By Richard - 12/31/2014
“Can't get enough of this great coffee...on line now to re-order!”