Brazilian Santos

Brazilian Santos
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By Shelia - 4/17/2014
“This is so far my favorite coffee! This is one of the few I can drink with no cream and not have issues with acid. Love it!”
Nutty & Smooth
By Nicholas - 11/24/2013
“Brazillian Santos is nutty and smooth, and it has very little acidity.

Some other South-American coffees I enjoy are the Columbian Supremo and Peruvian High Grown.”
A good, solid cup of coffee!
By DEJA - 2/14/2013
“We bought these beans at the same time as the Columbian Supremo in order to try them both. They were both really good! I'd say this one lives up to its claim of low acidity, but interestingly, I found the Columbian blend to be softer and smoother than this one. I prefer light roasts with coffee and cream in the mornings, and though this one fit the bill, my preference fell with the Columbian Supremo. My boyfriend, who likes darker roasts, preferred the Brazilian Santos! We will likely repurchase this, and continue to alternate it with the Columbian Supremo. They both make for an excellent morning cup of joe.”
Full Flavored, Low Acid
By New York Life - 1/22/2013
“I love a full flavored coffee but couldn't take what other brands were doing to my acid reflux. So glad I found this site! Brazilian Santos strikes the right balance of taste and low acidity. I grind the whole beans every morning and brew a full mug using an Aeropress. It's perfection every time and will be my choice for as long as you carry this line. Thanks!”
I rate other blends by this coffee
By Kathy - 11/24/2012
“I stumbled across CBD about a year ago when I was looking for coffee beans. I've ordered a couple of differnt blends and find this is my standard. When I buy something else my husband tells me to go back to this standard.”
Great coffee, no irritation
By michele - 9/29/2012
“I was having problems with bladder irritation. I tried other "low acid" coffees that were considerably more expensive. None could compare. Brazilian Santos is real coffee, and produces no irritation. It's also a great value. I forwarded my urogynocologist the website so he could recommend it to his other patients. If you have acid reflux, acid idigestion or overactive bladder, give it a try before you give up your morning joe.”
My new favorite.
By Margot - 8/14/2012
“I have been buying coffee from CBD for many years now, sometimes sharing bags with friends to sample so much more. I started out as a darker stronger roasted coffee drinker and have mellowed with age. Today I'm very happy to enjoy this milder yet more flavorful coffee. I have it with milk and the flavor stands up beautifully. I look forward to it every morning. ”
By Mary - 7/6/2012
“We've been getting the Brazilian Santos for a couple of years and just love it's mellow, rich, non-acidy brew. We only get the whole beans, it make all the difference in the world. We are so happy with the Santos and with Coffee Bean Direct.”
Laid back breakfast coffee
By Burgerlover - 6/11/2012
“Chemex brewed with RO water. Boiling at this altitude is 192 F so that's the brewing temperature. I use about 25% more beans than a darker roast. We are into the second 5 pound bag and we love it. It works well with half & half and a dash of sugar. I always have to make an extra pot if we have time. It also makes an excellent iced coffee using whole milk. No acid attacks with this one, just real smooth flavor.”