Brazilian Santos

Brazilian Santos
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One of My Coffee Bean Direct Favorites
By Papa Jim - 6/18/2019
“Lovers of smooth tasting, balanced, well-roasted beans will love this choice as much as I do. Low acidity and mellow flavor are the highlights. I do not find this coffee to make an aromatic brew. I drink mine from the pot; my wife loves this with milk and sugar.”
Very Smooth
By John - 4/29/2019
“The Brazilian Santos is a well-balanced and smooth coffee. I drink this coffee in a french press and it is the most pleasing brew I have ever had. It is amazing.
I have made this a recurring order so I do not run out. I don't drink any other brand.”
Smooth and delicious everytime
By Matthew - 1/10/2019
“My wife and I think this is a very nice way to gently wake up in the morning. Very smooth, light and refreshing coffee. Very tough to mess up with a french press...wife's words. Thanks again!”
Raised the bar in flavor and smooth taste
By Deborah - 2/13/2018
“This is a staple in every coffee order I make. Love love love to wake up to this coffee. Thanks to this company for offering so many wonderful coffees. There is one for every coffee drinker.”
Good for iced coffee
By P - 11/2/2017
“This is pretty good for iced coffee. There's no acid to speak of, at least when brewed at higher temps, and the body is light and airy. I sometimes think I'm drinking cold brew because it's so smooth and mild. Some ashy/earthy flavors but at higher temps I seem to get more spicy/buttery/chocolate flavors.”
A great coffee, really smooth and light
By Jacob - 9/19/2017
“Has to be one of my favorite coffees! The first time I drank it, I was blown away by how smooth it was and how little bitterness it had. A perfect coffee to relax with, and the bag I have isn't going to survive for long now!”
By Diana - 8/19/2017
“This is great coffee; been drinking for several years now and won't switch to anything else.”
Perfect Morning Bean
By Jason - 7/26/2017
“This is the perfect morning roast/bean. Light, brightening, awakening. Wonderful. Definitely will order this one again, along with my Peruvian bean.”
Big hit.
By Robert - 7/7/2017
“This coffee was a big hit in my house. My wife drinks hot, I make cold brew, and we both loved it. A absolute reorder quality coffee. BTW coffee bean direct rules, I only wish I found out about you guys earlier.”
Brazilian Santos
By James - 6/21/2017
“This is the majority of the coffee we drink. We have found it to have great smooth taste and as always Coffee Bean Direct delivers it to my place in a timely manner and it's always fresh. We have tried others and found them to also to be delicious but or personal favorite is the Santos. ”