CO2 Decaf Colombian

CO2 Decaf Colombian
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It is very good
By John - 1/30/2019
“I like coffee produced in Colombia. I also believe that beans are better than ground and packaged. The CO2 decaf process to me seems better and does not impart any off flavors.
A very good decaf. ”
Superior Decaf - All the Flavor, None of the Taint
By David - 2/10/2018
“Some time ago I decided to reduce my caffeine intake and found that most decaf coffees were tainted with an unpleasing chemical flavor which ruined the experience. I shifted to Swiss water decaf but quickly realized that it too had it's problems, namely that the flavor was not as robust as a standard cup of coffee. Continuing my search I heard about the CO2 decaffeination process and found Coffee Bean Direct!

Now I no longer have to choose between a fantastic cup of coffee or decaf. This CO2 Colombian Decaf is every bit as amazing as its caffeinated counterpart and you'll still be jitter free as your cup count rises through the day. Delectable!”
Smooth & Rich
By Rita - 9/4/2017
“Love, love, love this coffee. Like many folks, I've been cutting back on caffeine. I tried many brands and variety of the brands and was always disappointed...until now! I need search no longer. This is my "go-to" decaf.
Customer service is always efficient. Shipping is fast. Coffee is the best! What more can you ask? ”
CO2 Decaf Colombian
By Helen - 6/11/2017
“This decaf is delicious! ”
Excellent decaf
By lakegirl - 5/26/2017
“We've been drinking this for several years, and have found it to be the most full-bodied decaf that we've tried. I'm spoiled with this as restaurant decaf tastes like water compared to this. You won't be disappointed in trying it. I can only drink decaf d/t reactions that I have with regular coffee so I take a thermos of this to work instead of having the decaf (brand name) provided at work. I've turned into a decaf snob with this. ”
Delicious decaf!
By Barbara - 4/13/2017
“This decaf is so smooth and rich in flavor. You don't miss the caffeine at all. Tastes better than some caffeinated coffees.”
If you drink decaf...
By Paul - 5/8/2016
“The first decaf we've ever had at home. Great stuff. It's definitely low caffeine coffee as felt by reduced energy levels when regular coffee would provide a boost. Very tasty. No bad comments. Our primary care physician suggested this due to some health/drug related issues. Turns out, that wasn't needed. Still loved the coffee.”
Great tasting decaf
By Steven - 4/3/2016
“All I can say is Wow best decaf I've ever tasted. 1st decaf that tastes like regular caff coffee. Smooth taste and awesome flavor keep up the great roasting CBD!!”
At Last!
By David - 5/8/2014
“Finally! A decaf that doesn't taste like I'm sucking on an oak plank! I've been relegated to drinking decaf for most of the day after my first morning joe. I've tried a lot of them, and was getting pretty discouraged, when I came across CBD's CO2 processed decaf. At last, I don't have to drink something that has a distinctly strong, and frankly bad, woody taste. And the fact that it's free of man-made toxins introduced during the decaffeination process is the proverbial icing on the cake. I'm finally actually enjoying my decaf again. And their CO2 decaf espresso is wonderful, too. I'm just sitting here sipping a cappuccino made with that as I write this before calling it a night.

Try these won't be sorry.
By Mary Beth - 4/26/2012
“Hubby and I decided to try this, and were impressed with the quality and flavor of these beans. Until you drink a cup of this, you are not aware of how other decaf processes leave a chemical taste behind....its made even more obvious if you use a French Press.

I would love to see this process the norm instead of an exception! The result is stunning! ”