City Roast Colombian Supremo

City Roast Colombian Supremo
$8.50 - 13.45 /lb $13.45

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Favorite coffee
By Janet - 10/20/2019
“My husband loves this coffee. He likes grinding the beans and making the City Roast. No Starbucks for him. ”
Daily drinker
By darin - 6/19/2019
“This coffee is the epitome just good ol coffee! I believe it is what the large manufacture is trying market. They just fall short in comparison. ”
Great coffee
By Jerry - 3/5/2019
“Have been buying this for years. The best you will find for the price. Hope they always have this available. If you like more body than regular Columbian, this one is for you. Excellent.”
Long time Buyer
By itsrich - 1/5/2019
“I have purchased more than 100 pounds of this coffee over the years for personal consumption. Needless to say, it is great! I have purchased and enjoyed Kona, but this is the best price for the best coffee. Buy 5, 5 lbs bags for free shipping!”
Hard to beat!
By David - 10/8/2018
“This is one of new favorites. Good flavorful cup.”
City Roast Colombian Supremo
By melba - 12/19/2017
“City Roast Colombian Supremo - Very good flavor and aroma - We are very pleased with this coffee”
The best cup of coffee I have had
By Michelle - 12/14/2017
“The absolute best cup of coffee I've ever had!!! From the moment I opened the package and the aroma filled the room I knew it was going to be good but it was so much better than good. Can't recommend this one enough. FANTASTIC!!!”
good flavor, beans a bit oily
By AJ - 12/11/2017
“While we really like the flavor and aroma of this coffee, the beans are much more oily that the light roast Colombian Supremo, a concern for daily use in our Jura Z9 superautomatic from a maintenance perspective”
Great coffee
By Joanna - 10/19/2017
“After trying plenty of different kinds of coffee (and different coffee merchants) I finally arrived to coffeebeandirect and city roast. I used to mix different roasts to achieve that particular flavor, but no more! Really great coffee and doesn’t break the bank even if I drink four mugs each morning just to become comfortably vertical. Highly recommend. ”
Only Way to Start My Day
By Doc Toc - 9/29/2017
“We've been getting our coffee from CBD for over 13 years now and I wouldn't even be close to human of I don't get my more started right with my City Roast. I've got a grind and brew coffee maker to insure the beans are fresh the aroma is heavenly in the morning. I even got to try making my coffee on the BBQ grill for a couple of days when Irma came blasting through here. Good thing I planned ahead by pre-grinding enough beans. Would not have been a pretty sight otherwise. ”