Colombian Supremo

Colombian Supremo
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Thank you!
By Keri - 2/24/2017
“This coffee is great. This company is great! I will never go back to another brand of daily coffee. I love the Colombian Supremo and I am still sampling other choices. I can see this coffee becoming a daily favorite. ”
Favorite Coffee
By Deborah - 1/8/2017
“Have been buying from this company for many years. This is my repeat order, over and over again. Excellent coffee. Excellent service. ”
My favorite
By Ben - 10/22/2016
“Delicious coffee - creamy chocolate and nutty taste. Just thinking about the aroma will make you get out of bed in the morning. Also easy on the stomach, I just had a severe episode of gastritis but this was OK for me to drink. It's my first time trying higher end coffee, decided to go with CBD and have not been disappointed. I tried Columbian Supremo, Brazillian Santos and Hawaiian Kona. This is my favorite by a mile, also give the City Roast Supremo a try as that is almost perfection! Highly recommended”
Try it, you'll love it.
By Paul - 9/13/2016
“Well, right now I'm having my third big cup of the day...I won't make anymore until tomorrow morning. I will make some extra then. The only problem I have with thus coffee is running out and having to make's so good, I just can't stop after two cups...12 ounce cups. ”
Very Good
By Mark - 8/10/2016
“I really like this blend. It is just a great coffee, the right strength for me, still very flavorful. Excellent.”
The BEST Light Roast
By Bruce - 10/3/2015
“There's a reason this one is so popular. It combines a great aroma with a great flavor and it's not hard on the old stomach when you have that extra cup. It does well in a variety of coffee makers too as we have found our over the years. The temptation of "one more cup" might make you late some mornings.”
delicious coffee
By EVELYN - 9/4/2015
“This is the best coffee. I've been buying it for several years now.
Coffee Bean Direct is the best company to deal with. They are fast with shipping and the coffee is always fresh.”
Simply The Best
By Claude C - 5/9/2014
“This is simply the best Colombian Coffee available at any price; and believe me, I've tried lots of the others!”
One of the best cups of coffee!
By Nicholas - 11/24/2013
“Columbian Supremo is nice and nutty like the whole bean store bought coffees.

Some other South-American coffees I enjoy are the Brazillian Santos and Peruvian High Grown, both are nutty and smooth, and they have little acidity.”
French Press is the best way for me!!!
By david - 7/22/2013
“This coffee is great when made with any method, but the french press is the best way to enjoy
Colombian Supremo. If you haven't tried this method of brewing, I suggest you try it.”