Colombian Supremo

Colombian Supremo
$8.10 - 12.90 /lb $12.90

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Overall rating
Pure coffee experience
By Bigred - 6/13/2017
“For my wife and I this coffee is is what coffee should taste like. We use 3different voter's this is our number one followed by Mexican actors and Indian Malabar monsoon. These three coffee styles give us the variety of difference we enjoy. Co!Indian supremo may not be the cup of Joe for you? However you will be cheating your taste buds if do not try it. Then make your decision. We think you will be happy with this flavorful cup of coffee”
Colombian Supremo
By Helen - 6/11/2017
“This is my go to coffee, I love it!”
My favorite!
By Ed - 6/9/2017
“I get 5 lbs of this every couple of months, just for home use, and keep it in an airtight plastic pail. It's always, always fresh as can be when it arrives. And it's far, far superior to supermarket coffee. I am so pleased to have found this and expect to remain a CBD customer for the foreseeable future.”
good coffee
By marc - 5/21/2017
“we have customers for several years the service is outstanding. we enjoy Columbian supremo the best my friends sware I put chocolate in it. they can't get over how smooth it is they always ask can we have coffee.”
good company
By robert - 5/13/2017
“fast service great coffee great price what more could you ask”
Light Roast
By Keith - 5/9/2017
“Light roast is better than City roast for Columbian Supremo beans. Lighter roast allows subtle flavors to be tasted. Delicious!”
Superb brew
By stephen - 4/12/2017
“I love the perfect blend of not so dark but extremely intense flavor. Never thought I'd see my keurig toting wife jump the fence, but she finally did. She loves this stuff. It will be my centerpiece for quite awhile.”
Thank you!
By Keri - 2/24/2017
“This coffee is great. This company is great! I will never go back to another brand of daily coffee. I love the Colombian Supremo and I am still sampling other choices. I can see this coffee becoming a daily favorite. ”
Favorite Coffee
By Deborah - 1/8/2017
“Have been buying from this company for many years. This is my repeat order, over and over again. Excellent coffee. Excellent service. ”
My favorite
By Ben - 10/22/2016
“Delicious coffee - creamy chocolate and nutty taste. Just thinking about the aroma will make you get out of bed in the morning. Also easy on the stomach, I just had a severe episode of gastritis but this was OK for me to drink. It's my first time trying higher end coffee, decided to go with CBD and have not been disappointed. I tried Columbian Supremo, Brazillian Santos and Hawaiian Kona. This is my favorite by a mile, also give the City Roast Supremo a try as that is almost perfection! Highly recommended”