Colombian Supremo

Colombian Supremo
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Fantastic coffee!!!
By William - 8/27/2019
“Just received my Colombian Supremo today. Ground some up and made a cup in my french press. Wonderful coffee! Fresh roasted, fresh ground and MAN what a treat. This could be my new favorite. I want to try the City Roast next.
Thank you CBD!!!!”
I'm Hooked!
By Nick - 8/19/2019
“I'm hooked on this extremely fresh and nutty coffee variety. i am conditioned like Pavlov's dog when my house is filled with the fragrance of the columbian supremo variety. I've never had coffee in the states quite like the coffee i get from coffee bean direct. It's freshly roasted not like the overpriced mass produced coffee that has sat on the shelf for months. i've had multiple delivery drivers comment about its rich aroma. love it!”
Hmm. I Don’t Share Others’ Enthusiasm
By Claire - 4/29/2019
“I found Colombian Supremo to lack charscter. In fact, it lacked flavor period. Sorry, this one’s just not for me.”
By Jason - 3/29/2019
“Love this stronger coffee! I make it blacker and more concentrated because I like the jolt early in the morning to convince me to get up and face the day.”
Don't mess with my coffee!
By TIMOTHY - 2/13/2018
“When I drink a beer, I want just a good beer. Don't be adding anything to it. Same with my coffee, black, hot and I do not want to be able to see through the coffee to the bottom of the cup. Colombian Supremo great light roasted flavor. The beans are lightly roasted so you have the good coffee taste, not, what I consider, a burnt taste that you get from a dark roast. It has a great rich taste all on its own without adding anything!”
Our everyday coffee
By AJ - 12/11/2017
“This is our favorite go-to coffee to use in our Jura Z9 superautomatic”
By BG - 12/8/2017
Great taste, wonderful service
By DH - 12/7/2017
“I'm an avid coffee drinker and I am particular about the coffee I drink. Little cream no sugar is how I like my cup of Joe which means the coffee needs to be flavorful. Colombian Supremo has a nice taste without being overpowering. Everyone in my house hold drinks this coffee, its versatile and can easily please a crowd. I highly recommend this coffee. ”
Columbian Supremo
By Valor J - 10/6/2017
“Best Coffee by far even the coffee from California”
excellent coffee
By Barry - 9/12/2017
“Colombia Supremo is consistently great tasting coffee and Coffee Bean Direct is a terrific company to deal with.”