Costa Rican Tarrazu

Costa Rican Tarrazu
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Smooth and Relaxing
By Allan - 6/14/2012
“My wife and I have tried many different coffee beans, we enjoy a good cup of coffee throughout the day and unlike other coffee beans, this one is smooth, easy to relax to and full of flavor no matter what time of day you have it. The Costa Rican Tarrazu never leaves a bitter aftertaste and is never heavy on the stomach when having a cup in the evening.”
Smooth, mild roast
By Greytea - 1/18/2012
“This is my favorite coffee period. It has a nice chocolate aftertaste. It is not bitter at all and yet has a nice caffeine kick.

Costa Rica is a wonderful country filled with people that truly care about their environment. And this coffee reflects that attitude in its quality. ”
One of the Finest Beans
By Joel - 11/15/2011
“My wife and I have enjoyed many varied coffees from around the world-from different suppliers; Cosa Rican Tarrazu is the finest available. Very smooth early in the AM, the aftertaste is pleasant, not bitter, almost sweet. The fragrance is most delightful as well.”