Danish Blend

Danish Blend
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By David - 5/14/2019
“Danish? This should be renamed "Norwegian Wood." I love the light-medium body and the slightly woody flavor. One of my favorite coffees!”
Danish Blend
By Marty - 3/23/2018
“My wife and I rotate our coffee selections, but we always enjoy the brighter, less acid, and less earthy blends that still have depth and complexity. The Danish Blend is our new favorite, and it has all the wonderful attributes of many city roasts like Columbian Surpremo CR, or Papua New Guinea CR, but it is a mixture of lighter and darker roasts that picks up some light, almost floral fragrances, while still having deeply complex flavors. We each brew coffee slightly differently, and this blend is very forgiving in a standard Cuisinart drip coffee maker, as are the two other coffees mentioned. The Danish Blend maintains its flavor and aroma in a thermos a bit better than the other two, but that is just my take. My wife doesn't fish. This one is a keeper!”
Our New Favorite
By Kathleen - 6/30/2017
“The mix of roasts intrigued me, so I ordered one pound on my first order. My husband really likes it, so we have already re-ordered. The product description is dead-on regarding the flavor profile, and we particularly like the low acidity.”
Balanced,Smooth, and Delicious
By patti - 6/1/2017
“I just love a balance, smooth coffee....the perfect all day cup. This blend allows you to make your coffee as strong as you like and still receive all of the benefits of a "balanced blend". Rating of 5 stars is well deserved. ”
love it!
By Sandra - 5/23/2017
“Being Danish I had to try this blend. Happy I did! It is a great blend with full coffee power but also with lots of smoothness. Powerful & soft - just like we Danes like to see ourselves :-)”
By Paul - 7/22/2015
“First impressions being somewhat important, I bravely brewed a batch for breakfast as a first trial...pretty high risk deal but...the stuff is great! It's a tasty blend with no sharp corners and a very smooth finish. Both of us are sugar and cream users so there were the usual small additions but even without, this is a very agreeable blend. Subtle, tasty and as mentioned, with a very smooth finish.”
Great Coffee
By John D - 1/19/2015
“The Danish Blend is a wonderfully complex blend that gives the coffee lover a full flavor yet incredibly smooth (at any brewed strength) cup of coffee. Hot, warm or cold the flavor stands out with no afterbite. This blend is a must try for for coffee lovers!! ”