Italian Roast Espresso

Italian Roast Espresso
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Italian Roast Espresso
By Nancy - 3/21/2017
“My friends and I have been buying this coffee for .... quite a few years. It never fails to satisfy the discriminating taste of a coffee lover. Can't beat the price either!”
Excellent Daily Roast
By Samson - 2/21/2017
“I have been drinking this roast for over 5 years. Best coffee for everyday use. I have tried several blends, but keep coming back to this one for my choice drink. Try it you will love the dark rich taste.”
One of the best
By Michael - 1/3/2017
“Wow. Ive tried them all. This roast is awesome. Getting it again. Like right now! Lol”
Java Houses Go Home...
By Ralph F - 11/21/2016
“This is the second 5lb. bag I've purchased. I love this coffee!! Not a connoisseur by any means, however, I am discriminating enough for my taste. I use a burr grinder and a French press, achieving results that put any java house I've EVER frequented to shame. (I'm a retired OTR driver, so I've had coffee from almost everywhere). This is a quality product.”
Italian Roast Espresso
By Tom - 6/14/2016
Will buy over and over again
By BELINDA - 4/3/2016
“We serve this coffee in our staff kitchen and when we run out it's all we hear about. From EVERYONE.

We will continue buying this product for as long as we possibly can. Please keep making it!”
Great Coffee
By Donald - 4/9/2015
“Have used for about 5 years make it the old style pyrex percolator coffee pot. Great coffee that gets allot of compliments”
By Elizabeth - 6/15/2013
“This is the best coffee. I drink a pot of this every day. It can be made in a regular drip maker, French press or espresso machine. I have been using this for years.”
Closest to Seattle roasts
By Ed - 2/22/2013
“The Italian espresso roast is the best tasting coffee I have found at CBD, and we have been using this for over 2 years. I occasionally try other dark types but keep coming back to this one. If you like rich, strong coffee you will enjoy this.”
Only Coffee for Years
By William - 3/27/2012
“My first couple of orders were for French Roast (which I enjoyed), and then I decided to try this one. It's the only coffee I've ordered now for several years running. We order the 25-pound bag for the best price I've found anywhere for this coffee.

You can easily adjust the amount of beans you grind in order to adjust the taste you prefer. I mix the ground coffee with a couple of heaping teaspoons of cocoa powder in a French press. Then mix 3/1 with hot half-and-half, sweetening to taste. Sooooooo good!”