Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
By Doug - 9/29/2019
“This is my go to coffee bean I love it!!”
The best
By Lowell - 6/6/2019
“This has become our absolute favorite. We have three others (all from CBD) we use for occasional change of pace but this is the staple. And we’re PICKY!”
Awesome for Cold Brew
By Matt - 3/25/2018
“I use this to make cold-brew. 18 hours brew time is my sweet spot on this one. Really good!! Highly recommend.”
One of my favs!
By Carla - 12/26/2017
“I love this coffee. It is so delicious. I gave it to several of my friends for Christmas, knowing that they would love it too. I have received lots of texts telling me how I give the best gifts. Thanks CoffeeBeanDirect!”
By Marty - 12/25/2017
“The best coffee in the world. Smooth, not acidic, great flavor, nice octane!”
Awesome coffee!
By Sukhi - 12/19/2017
“I roasted this just past 1st crack. I've shared it with all my friends/family and all have loved the taste and now have a new found love for fresh roasted coffee.”
Really Good!
By Mark - 12/12/2017
“This was my first purchase and I'm very pleased. The beans were evenly, lightly roasted and uniform in appearance. Judging by the bloom, the coffee was also very fresh. The taste was bright, fruity and delicious. Everyone I shared it with enjoyed it too. It may not appeal to people who like darker roasts or those who dislike some acidity in their coffee.”
Not for me
By Maureen - 12/11/2017
“This one had a bit of sour smell, and didn't care for the taste. I will not get it again. But that's the fun of coffee bean direct, there's always another to try!
I will be staying away from the African beans though. ”
By BG - 12/8/2017
Best of the Best!
By Scott - 8/10/2017
“I had heard on several coffee-related TV shows that Yirgacheffe is widely regarded as the best coffee in the world. I thought it must be marketing hype, until I tried it a couple of years ago. I came to the conclusion that the "hype" was not untrue. I bought these Ethiopian beans from a competitor. Then, I heard from a friend that CBD has better beans at better cost. When I brewed your beans, I found them to be a better roast, and smooth and full of naturally fruity flavor, whether brewed hot or cold brewed in a French press. My favorite coffee!”