Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
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Excellent Coffee
By Marsha - 6/18/2017
“This coffee is consistently very good. Not too bold, yet full bodied. I like that it is not over roasted! I order a 5 pound bag once a month and grind enough coffee for the week. The coffee is just as good at the end of the week as when I first ground it. ”
Good for morning.
By Ruzaliya - 6/6/2017
“This is my favorite coffee.”
Yummy good!
By Paul - 2/15/2017
“Periodically, we do a series of tests of new-to-us coffees. This was in the latest group. This morning, we brewed the last of it...sad to see it gone...will have to get more. It is a wonderful, smooth, flavorful brew with good aroma and a natural sweetness that is subtle but notable. Good with or without sugar and 1/2n1/2 (easy on the sugar). A great breakfast coffee and that's as far as it got because we emptied the carafe every morning during or just after breakfast. Take no leftovers. One of the very best in my estimation.”
By Lorraine - 9/2/2016
“This is my favorite coffee!”
By Donald B - 1/20/2014
“Just opening the bag and sticking the nose in. It makes a great cup of coffee, better stronger than weak. ”
By GTP - 1/10/2013
“This is one of the best, if not THE best, non-flavored coffees I've had. Period.

I generally do a coarse grind with a press and a slightly longer brew time for this bean than usual, but the resulting cup is never acidic, always has a nice fresh taste, and stays rich and vibrant right down to the end of the cup. The flavor is subtle, but earthy; not in your face or overwhelming like some coffees.

Definitely a winner in my book.”