Evening Fantasy Blend

Evening Fantasy Blend
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Not my cup of Coffee
By Curtis - 10/5/2018
“I was hoping for a richer coffee. Little darker than expected and not quite as rich. My favorites are danish and columbian.”
Wow! Just wow!
By Yvonne - 1/9/2018
“This is my new favorite! It's so chocolatey! By the smell of the fresh roasted beans I knew I was in for a treat, but, this is... Wow coffee! Thanks coffeebean direct for my new favorite!”
Good Stuff
By Pamie - 11/21/2017
“This coffee is well balanced and has quickly become one of my favorites. It is as it says "well balanced" I love a good robust coffee without the bite of being to acidic, and this is the cup.”
The perfect morning cup
By harvey - 10/29/2014
“I've tried dozens of blends at CBD but keep coming back to Evening Fantasy. This full bodied and complex blend is my morning go-to, as well as my early entertaining cup (that always has my guests asking "this is very good, wow, what IS this?"). Try it, you'll like it!”
Perfect Blend
By Mark - 5/29/2014
“If you are looking for the one perfect blend that is not too light or too dark with plenty of flavor then this is it. Everyone will enjoy it. CBD says this is middle of the road in both body and acidity and they are exactly right. It might be a bit lighter in caffein as compared to the Sumatra Mandheling/Kenyan AA home mix blend we were drinking before. ”