Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Hazelnut Flavored Coffee
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Best Coffee Ever, Anywhere
By Walter - 8/20/2019
“Been buying the Hazelnut for years here. If you try using Hazelnut pre-ground or Hazelnut creamers and like it do yourself a favor and try a bag of this wholebean and grind yourself. You will never go back to more convenient substitutes, IT'S THAT GOOD. ”
Great flavor
By Mark  - 10/15/2018
“Great flavored coffee. We have been buying here for several years and it is superb. ”
Inconsistent batches, low potency
By Kronn8 - 8/6/2018
“I reviewed this scathingly before, when I received a batch devoid of any hazelnut flavor. I decided to try it again with a small package, since the other reviews were so positive. My second batch did contain hazelnut flavor, which was a relief. I found the potency to be too weak for me, though; I was constantly refilling my mug.”
Lacks aroma, flavor, and potency.
By Cameron - 4/3/2018
“I've had several excellent blends from CBD, but this is not one of them. I can't smell or taste the hazelnut flavor. Even the coffee flavor itself is weak. I've had amazing hazelnut coffee from one of CBD's competitors (not sure if I can say their name in this review, but it starts with a D), so I know what I'm missing.

I'd recommend one of CBD's other blends, like eyes wide open or dark roast espresso, instead of this one.”
By Anna - 1/19/2018
“This coffee has the best Hazelnut flavor of any I have tried. Hooked for life.”
Amazing flavor!!
By Don - 1/9/2018
“By far my favorite Coffee Bean Direct coffee.”
Great for my coffee blending
By Louise - 11/30/2017
“I blend my own coffee. I use either mocha/java or columbian and blend that with hazelnut and a bit of espresso to make a coffee my husband and I love. Coffee Bean Direct's hazelnut has just the right flavor.”
Great Customer Services
By Carl - 11/28/2017
“Staff prompt and extremely helpful”
By Judy - 11/24/2017
“Delicious coffee and pure hazelnut flavor. Rich, warm, and unpolluted. I love it. My son, who doesn't care for flavored coffees really liked this one. 5 stars!!!”
Grat coffee
By Carl - 11/23/2017
“On my fourth bag. Such a pleasure”