Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Hazelnut Flavored Coffee
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Excellent Value
By Donna - 11/21/2017
“Enjoyed the taste and the value! Good packaging and free shipping is a bonus. We have ordered twice and will become a permanent customer. the taste is excellent! We buy the whole bean. ”
Impressive Hazelnut brew
By Kerry - 11/12/2017
“Although I am not one that drinks flavored coffee, rarely have I found any that appeals to my palate.
This hazelnut is the absolute best I have tried.
Mild yet flavorful and really good.
Will order again soon.”
Hazelnut coffee
By Linda - 11/2/2017
“This is excellent coffee. I will definitely buy again. Very smooth.”
Great coffee, great price
By Ken - 7/11/2017
“I have been buying the Hazelnut for a couple of years and will continue to do so. Tasty brew with just enough caffeine for me: an energy boost without venturing into squirrelville.
I buy the 5 pound bag and divide it into smaller amounts and vacuum seal the bags and store in the freezer...taste is still excellent after two-months. Can't buy a comparable product of this quality locally with a price even close to what CBD offers. I live in Wyoming and the shipments get to me quickly which I appreciate.”
By Momma Cindy - 6/23/2017
“My absolute favorite!!! I'm obsessed with GOOD coffee beans & this is the ONLY website I order from!!! Coffee Bean Direct ROCKS!!!! ”
By Tina - 5/27/2017
“A warm, fragrant, uplifting aroma for all the Nutella lovers of yesteryear!”
Hazelnut Perfection
By Rosa - 11/15/2016
“I look forward to going to bed every night, just so I can wake up to my morning Hazelnut!! This is epic hazelnut, a light roast and yummy aroma and taste. I agree, skip the flavored creamer.”
Good Stuff!
By Margie - 9/23/2016
“This is a great blend!!”
I love Hazelnut coffee
By rodger - 7/11/2015
“This is a very good coffee. Nutty, pleasing to the taste. Most enjoyable cup of coffee I have had in a long time.”
Remains Our Favorite
By LeeAnn - 7/11/2015
“Of all the Coffees we've tried from Coffee Bean Direct, this remains our family favorite. It has just the right amount of toasted Hazelnut flavor. It's a very smooth coffee, but still rich and has an absolutely lovely aroma. ”