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Tanzanian Peaberry

Product Review (submitted on June 7, 2017):
This just happens to my most recent order, of course it is a hi-quality coffee just as ALL the coffee bean selections are with Coffee Bean Direct. I have been ordering coffee beans by the 5# bag size for ten years or so, over the years exploring and trying many of Coffee Bean Directs offerings.
I am not about to get into the sulfurous descriptions of "winey or chocklately" as those distinctions are personal and individualized and all are such a "stretch" of imagination. What you really want to know... Is this coffee-bean any good?
And the answer is Yes, just as all of Coffee Bean Direct offerings. The ONLY way to determine if this or that is YOUR choice, you'll have to bite the bullet and order bag! And here is what I can tell you;
1) It may or may-not be to your preference in flavor/strength/body/ acid/ and etc.
2) It won't matter... Because it will still be great hi-quality coffee freshly roasted by Coffee-Bean-Direct and even shipped 'Free' (w/ minimum $50. order)!
3) Next time order something else... look at it as a venture!
4) Yes, I have plowed my way through a few selections for which I personally did not prefer, however it was NOT a waste of money, as the coffee was fine, although not of my favorite few I cherish.
5) I love Coffee-Bean-Direct, great source for hi-quality selections of coffees and teas, and reasonably priced!